How to Grow Your Small Business Using Desktop Sharing

Grow your business

Ventu­ring out into the world of busi­ness can be daun­ting. Having to manage things like buil­ding a brand, hiring personnel and not hemor­rha­ging money is enough to send anyone into a tail­spin. On top of all the tradi­tional busi­ness start-up woes, we now live in a digital era where much more is expected when it comes to avai­la­bi­lity and quality of corre­spon­dence. Mikogo, however, is the solu­tion that free­lan­cers, busi­ness owners, and young star­tups are now disco­vering is a handy tool to have at their disposal.

Steve Jobs once described star­ting a company as being similar to being a parent. It’s exci­ting and rewar­ding but it’s not enough just to start the company. You have to help it grow. Jobs, being the ulti­mate father of the ulti­mate product, would know just how agoni­zing star­ting a busi­ness can truly be.

Save Money

Save Money

The first thing to look at would be cutting costs wherever you can. We’re not just talking trim­ming the fat off the bacon. There are serious finan­cial consi­de­ra­tions to be made when it comes to a young endeavor. Mikogo as a web confe­ren­cing, colla­bo­ra­tion, and online presen­ta­tion tool can reduce travel costs and bring toge­ther free­lan­cers sepa­rated by distance. We can also take into account that time is money. So the less time spent in traffic or in airports, the more time for profi­table ideas to be dreamed up and put into action. Being able to share your vision and process is just one of the advan­tages of using an online web presen­ta­tion tool like Mikogo. Employing tech­no­logy such as the HTML Viewer, built on HTML5 tech­no­logy, in order to improve the speed, ease and quality of your sessions is one of the ways Mikogo aims to make it feel like you’re right there.


Mikogo is keenly aware of the impor­t­ance of bran­ding and auto­nomy within the soft­ware. Whether you’re star­ting your own IT assi­s­tance busi­ness and you want to use your own logo within the session and soft­ware user inter­face or if you’d like custo­mers to go directly to your site to join a session, Mikogo is certainly there to help. There are a number of custo­miz­a­tion features such as adding your own logo into the user inter­face or selec­ting your own waiting lounge image. These are desi­gned so that you have the oppor­tu­nity to use the Mikogo soft­ware while simul­ta­ne­ously adap­ting it to your own busi­ness in order to develop your brand.

Hiring and Training

Famed finan­cial recruit­ment entre­pre­neur Robert Half would tell you that time spent hiring is time well spent. The people you build your busi­ness with and the skills you impart on them could mean the diffe­rence between success and failure. In the case of trai­ning indi­vi­duals, Mikogo is the ideal solu­tion for cura­ting and molding talent. Trai­ning sessions can be recorded and viewed later and despite the remote aspect of such desktop sharing sessions, can also be very inter­ac­tive thanks to features like the multi-user white­board. Work commis­sioned remo­tely can be presented easily and in a way that streng­t­hens lines of commu­ni­ca­tion between employee and employer.


Maybe Steve Jobs was right. Star­ting a busi­ness is almost exactly like having a child. Your busi­ness needs atten­tion, can keep you up all night, and will leave you on the edge of bankruptcy much of the time. But once you have your foot in the door, all that’s left to do is to jam the rest of your body through. Once you’ve gathered a client list and expanded your budget to include out of office travel, Mikogo mobile apps are ready to expand right along with you. Busi­nes­speople and custo­mers tell us that the Mikogo soft­ware has changed the way they travel and work at the same time. They can conduct busi­ness from the airport, highway, train station, or local pub. Take meetings, give presen­ta­tions, and commu­ni­cate with people miles away with desktop sharing soft­ware avail­able 24/7.

Discus­sion: Growing your startup can consume your life. Plan­ning the small details could be what gets you further and there is a lot to remember when going out into the big bad world of busi­ness. Have any of you recently started a busi­ness or managed a free­lance opera­tion? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below. We’re eager to hear about your expe­ri­ences and how desktop sharing helped you move forward.

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