Is Mikogo Feeling a Bit Blue?

Is Mikogo feeling blue?

Is Mikogo feeling unwell? Depressed or unhappy? No! On the contrary – we’re very pleased with our latest soft­ware release and website update!
We have just released Mikogo Version 4.5 which, along with some small bug fixes, now has a new-look blue-green color scheme imple­mented into the soft­ware user inter­face. You will have also noticed that our website has under­gone a blue green update to reflect our corpo­rate colors and identity.

The New Blue Green Look

Mikogo Start Session

Mikogo is fast beco­ming the popular and chosen go-to product for web confe­ren­cing and online meetings for many busi­nesses around the world. Towards the end of last year our soft­ware was ranked as the third highest in the web confe­ren­cing market, above the likes of WebEx. We then recently decided to imple­ment our corpo­rate BeamY­our­Screen colors into Mikogo. Now our busi­ness users have access to an online meeting product which is not only easy to use but also, in our opinion, commu­ni­cates a more profes­sional impres­sion to your clients and colleagues.

Upgrading to the Blue Green Software

Mikogo Blue Green Update

The new Version 4.5 soft­ware is now available from our down­load pages. While the mikogo-starter.exe program (for Windows users) will allow you to install the latest version without first remo­ving any previous instal­la­tion of Version 4 on your PC it would be best for Mac and Linux users to first remove your current instal­la­tion of Mikogo and then download/install Version 4.5.
Also note that this upgrade is not manda­tory at this point in time and if you do upgrade to Version 4.5 however a parti­ci­pant in your next online meeting still uses Version 4.3, there will be no problems – Versions 4.3 and 4.5 are compa­tible together.

Final note: what do you think about the new-look soft­ware and website? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comm­ents below.

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