Feedback on the Mikogo Feedback: Thank you!

Mikogo thank you

Last week we sent out a quick ques­ti­on­n­aire on the newly released Mikogo version 2.0. The response was huge! So many emails from people who wanted to share their opinions and expe­ri­ences on the new version thus far by prai­sing the Mikogo Team on the new soft­ware, as well as others who needed to urgently report a problem with their upgrade to the new version. 

While there have been a few reported issues with the upgrade process (such as the Win2000 error), all in all the feed­back on the new soft­ware was really posi­tive. So we just wanted to say thanks for all those compliments.

For those who reported an issue when upgrading and using Mikogo v2.0, we really appre­ciate the details that you sent along with screen­shots. We have looked into these issues and have been working hard to fix them in order to release an updated version of Mikogo that will solve these problems. We appre­ciate you taking the time to assist us here, and for your conti­nual support of our free desktop sharing tool.

Further­more, the two ques­tions, “What features would you like to see added?” and “If you were a part of the Mikogo Team, what would you change?” received a lot of great sugges­tions and comm­ents. Thanks a lot for all that – some sugges­tions received a lot of support from many Mikogo users. So we will defi­ni­tely use this feed­back when fine-tuning Mikogo in the future.

Btw, there were several feed­back emails from users asking how they can retrieve their pass­word. For future needs or anyone who is just about to upgrade for the first time and who may need this, you can retrieve your pass­word from here: Reset Pass­word

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for further news on Mikogo v2.0

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