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Video commu­ni­ca­tion allows you to consult your custo­mers digi­tally and perso­nally, crea­ting the proxi­mity and the neces­sary trust between you and your customers.

Screen Sharing

Share docu­ments and programs
on your screen with up to 25 parti­ci­pants in real time. Ever­y­thing you see, your parti­ci­pants see as well!

Selection of core modules

The core modules can be selected and used indi­vi­du­ally, e.g. audio/video can be swit­ched off comple­tely as a commu­ni­ca­tion channel.

Switch presenter

Don’t hog all the atten­tion — switch presenter lets any of your meeting parti­ci­pants take the stage and share their screen.

Session Scheduler

Set up your meetings in advance with the Sche­duler and never miss a beat. Reserve your unique session ID then send an email or calendar invitation.

Drawing pad

As a presenter, you have the option to make sket­ches on a drawing pad. You can also save the sketch and share it with the parti­ci­pants later.

Device independent use

Since Mikogo is web-based, barrier-free parti­ci­pa­tion is possible across all end devices and opera­ting systems.

Application selection

Show the appli­ca­tion windows you want and hide the rest, making sure your presen­ta­tion is the center of your client’s atten­tion. Multiple monitor support for up to 4 screens.