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No Downloads = Time Well Spent.

With the award-winning Join via Browser feature, your participants connect without downloading and installing software, saving you time and letting you get right to business.

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Share your desktop, documents, or application windows with up to 25 meeting participants in real-time. Host sessions on PC and Mac.

Switch Presenter

Don't hog all the attention - switch presenter lets any of your meeting participants take the stage and share their screen.

Remote Control

Assist your customers with remote keyboard and mouse control. Or hand over control of your computer to somebody else.

Mobile Apps

View meetings with the iOS or Android apps, or join via mobile browser.

Voice Conferencing

With high quality VoIP and teleconferencing numbers for many countries, it's your next best thing to being there.

Session Scheduler

Set up your meetings in advance with the Scheduler and never miss a beat. Reserve your unique session ID then send an email or calendar invitation.

Session Recording

Record your screen and VoIP call, then replay your meeting with our Session Player.

Multi-User Whiteboard

Visualize your best ideas in real-time with our robust Whiteboard tools. Our new Annotation Tool lets you highlight your presentation and keep participants on point with the click of a button.

Application Selection & Multi-Monitor

Show the application windows you want and hide the rest, making sure your presentation is the center of your client’s attention. Multiple monitor support for up to 4 screens.

Profile Manager

Customize the perfect feature and setting profiles for each of your Mikogo use cases.

File Transfer

Don't feel limited by email attachment sizes ever again - Mikogo lets you send participants files up to 200MB.


Send and receive instant chat messages with individual participants or your entire group.


  • Is Mikogo cross-platform?

    Yes! You can host Mikogo sessions on Windows and Mac computers. You can join meetings from any platform with Join via Browser.

  • How secure is Mikogo?

    All Mikogo meetings are secured with 256-bit AES encryption. The website is secured with 128-bit encryption using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In addition, there are multiple security measures in place during your meetings including: a randomly generated session ID, a session password, and the lock session feature. We've also received the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Further details are available in our Security Guide.

  • Does Mikogo work behind routers and firewalls?

    Yes. Mikogo employs intelligent tunneling technology, using ports that are already open in your firewall and proxy server (Port 80 and Port 443) and work with your existing network configuration.

  • Can I join a Mikogo meeting from my smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, you can join a Mikogo meeting with our iOS and Android apps, or simply join via mobile browser with no download.

  • How many people can join a meeting?

    Our free version supports 1 participant per session i.e. You as the meeting host, plus 1 other person.
    Mikogo Professional supports up to 25 participants per session for screen sharing and audio conferencing. We also offer plans for up to 50 participants per session.
    See our pricing page for more details or contact our sales team.

  • Is the software available in other languages?

    The Mikogo software is available in over 30 languages Click here for a full list of all the software languages. and will automatically detect your default computer language. You can also change your language setting manually in the Mikogo software settings.

  • Can I try it for free?

    Mikogo is available free for business and personal use. A free account gives you unlimited use of the standard features, and a 14-day trial of the premium feature set.
    Click here to create your free account.

  • Can I change the quality of the screen sharing?

    Yes, you can adjust the speed/color quality of the screen sharing via settings. Decrease the color quality to increase the speed of screen sharing – ideal for remote support. Or increase the color quality for true color screen sharing – ideal for online meetings and presentations.

  • Can I get a report of my past meetings?

    You can view a history of your Mikogo sessions via MyAccount, showing the date, duration and participants for each of your meetings.

  • Which branding and integration options does Mikogo offer?

    The Logo Branding feature lets you display your own company logo in the Mikogo user interface during sessions.
    With our Website Integration feature, you can embed a Mikogo Join Session widget into your own website. Logo Branding and Website Integration are included with Mikogo Professional
    Looking for a custom solution? We can build you a "branded session login" that's tailored with your own logos, styles, and URL.