Attend your Fantasy Sport Drafts Online with Mikogo

The other day, I received a tweet from FanDraft, the provider of a Fantasy Foot­ball Draf­ting soft­ware solu­tion, about how Mikogo is making waves in the world of fantasy sports.
In fantasy foot­ball, owners (those parti­ci­pa­ting in the fantasy sports game) meet toge­ther and use their soft­ware to track and present the draft results to the rest of the league.

But what happens when some members of the league cannot meet for the draft?

Similar to compa­nies and busi­ness meetings, owners need to get toge­ther regu­larly for a draft. And just like hund­reds-of-thousands of busi­nesses around the world, fantasy foot­ball owners have disco­vered that Mikogo is the solu­tion that allows them to save time, money, and hassle, while inter­ac­tively parti­ci­pa­ting in drafts from any loca­tion – even out of town.

With Mikogo, owners can create a desktop sharing session with other members in their league who are out of town, and conse­quently are able to remo­tely view the league’s draft results live over the Web. Not only can an owner view another league member’s screen from a distant loca­tion, Mikogo includes remote keyboard/mouse control that enables an owner to take remote control of the presen­ting distant computer. Very helpful for distant owners to interact in the draft and get the job done. So it’s no wonder that Mikogo is fast beco­ming the number one choice for draf­ters, such as John:

“We have 1 owner who’s in the mili­tary and wasn’t able to physi­cally attend the draft, but he uses Mikogo to connect.”
“Last year we used other netmee­ting soft­ware but it wasn’t as easy to use. Mikogo was so easy to install, and it only took a few minutes for the rest of the owners to down­load the Mikogo soft­ware and connect to my Mikogo session on my laptop.”

“Here’s a picture of a few laptops that show how we used Mikogo so that ever­yone could connect to my laptop and view the FanDraft soft­ware in action.”

Getting Started with Mikogo for your Drafts

Going to be out of town and looking to get started with Mikogo for your drafts? Here is what we suggest:

  • Appoint one draft owner as the “orga­nizer” of the upco­ming draft session. This orga­nizer will need to register for a free Mikogo account. Regis­tra­tion is necessary due to some features being asso­ciated with a user account, such as the Mikogo scheduler.
  • The orga­nizer can down­load and install the orga­nizer soft­ware from here. Both Windows and Mac soft­ware are available.
  • The orga­nizer starts a session and receives a 9‑digit session ID.
  • Other league members who want to join the screen sharing session, can go to and enter the 9‑digit session ID upon recei­ving it from the orga­nizer. This will prompt a very quick down­load. The joining members can run the down­loaded file and will then join the Mikogo screen sharing session.

Here is what it looks like when an owner joins a session from a Windows computer and views the organizer’s screen who is using a Mac:

Now, all the league members can view the organizer’s screen live over the Web. Anything the orga­nizer sees on their screen, the other league members will also see.

So it seems like ever­y­body is finding great ways to benefit from desktop sharing and remote support soft­ware. Thank you to Randy for getting in contact with me about the powerful combi­na­tion of FanDraft and Mikogo. And thanks to John for sharing his expe­ri­ence of Mikogo along with provi­ding such a great picture!

Any Mikogo users or Fantasy Foot­ball owners prepa­ring for the upco­ming season? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment below if you are using both soft­ware programs toge­ther and how you find it.

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