Making Remote IT Support More Efficient and Streamlined: Interview with JB Software Services

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Many profes­sional service provi­ders have found Mikogo useful for diffe­rent remote support appli­ca­tions. Recently, one of our great clients, JB Soft­ware Services shared how Mikogo is adding value for them and their clients on a daily basis.

Located in Nort­hern Ireland, JB Soft­ware Services prima­rily focuses on deli­ve­ring perso­na­lized IT support services to UK-based and Ireland-based clientele in on-site and remote settings. Jim Borland, firm prin­cipal, mentioned many ways in which Mikogo enhances their remote IT support activities.

Many of the clientele JB Soft­ware Services handles have little-to-no computer literacy. Because of their lack of computer-savvy, there can be frus­tra­tion and anxiety for both the client and Jim as the firm’s IT support provider. With Mikogo, however, the remote IT supportexpe­ri­ence goes much smoother and more efficiently.

Smoother Customer Service Experience

When asked about some of the chal­lenges Mikogo helps them over­come, Jim empha­sized it was their clients’ lack of IT knowledge.

“When instructed about what steps to take next, many clients find it chal­len­ging to do things they aren’t comfor­table with. Over the phone, it can be diffi­cult when you can’t see their computer screen and they’re not telling you what’s on it, for that matter. That can lead to a lot of confu­sion and frus­tra­tion,” Jim said.

On top of that, often­times clients are unable to describe the problem they are facing, and they expect Jim to know what the problem is and what is on their screen. “It can be a chall­enge for people to listen to you in those circum­s­tances,” he added.

With Mikogo’s easy-to-under­stand desktop sharing features and easy acces­si­bi­lity, though, the entire client support process becomes much easier.

“You get them connected to Mikogo’s online meeting, and the whole expe­ri­ence changes comple­tely. All of a sudden you can see what they’re looking at. It becomes much easier to provide feed­back and guidance. It really takes the stress out comple­tely for both sides!”

In turn, that trans­lates into smoother client-service provider inter­ac­tions and helps Jim build stronger rela­ti­onships with the clients he serves.

Specific Ways of How Mikogo Enhances Remote Support

Over the course of the conver­sa­tion, Jim mentioned a few concrete ways in which Mikogo has been of great value when he’s provi­ding remote support. These instances he mentioned include:

  • The expe­ri­ence of screen sharing: “My clients barely notice what they’re doing when they joining our online meeting. They can relax as they sit there and see what I’m doing on their screen. It helps build more trust between us as well.”
  • The actual caret­a­king of the client’s needs: “With Mikogo’s remote keyboard and mouse features, I can be more succinct and effi­cient in helping my clients with their needs. The features really make the process much more effi­cient. My clients leave it to me to take control of the situa­tion and watch me work out the problems they’re having. It makes the job process much faster and easier.”
  • Quick acces­si­bi­lity for clientele: “Mikogo streng­thens my busi­ness’ unique service offe­ring, which is how I can easily be there for my clients when they need me. The point of acces­si­bi­lity is that much stronger for them.”
  • Problem(s) diagnosis: “When we hook up in a Mikogo session, I can really see what’s there. It’s much easier to see the problem that we’re dealing with, which makes it easier to handle.”
  • Shor­tening the entire support expe­ri­ence: “Before Mikogo, it used to take a lot more time to help my clients. There was more stress involved. I also traveled a lot more from place to place. Now ever­y­thing takes less time and my clients are more relaxed when recei­ving assistance.”
Jim Borland

“I love Mikogo- it’s extre­mely reliable and very easy to use. It really helps in my efforts to support my clients with their problems. I use it every day, and it’s perfect for my business!”


Benefits for the IT Support Provider

When asked about how Mikogo bene­fits him and his firm directly, Jim accen­tuated how it has saved him time and produc­ti­vity. “Before­hand, I had to travel a lot more. Now I save a lot more time.”

Jim also mentioned more context-specific bene­fits that Mikogo deli­vers. “I really like how I can inte­grate my logo in Mikogo, as well as how easy Mikogo makes it to offer remote support. The life­time account license was great, too, as it’s the subscrip­tion option best-suited for my business.”

Ease of use on the back-end was another attrac­tive feature for Jim as well. “I’d already used other tools, and I found Mikogo very simple to use on my end.”

On top of that, Jim also reem­pha­sized how it enhances his daily service provi­ding. Mikogo is inte­grated into his firm’s website. Ther­e­fore, all he has to do is steer his custo­mers toward his website, and they’re able to get onto an online meeting without much effort. “My clients are already fami­liar with my website. It makes it much easier, just direc­ting them to my website and then having them join the online session right there.”

Closing Thoughts

In short, Jim high­lighted how Mikogo enhances his entire service model, from smaller details to the entire process. His testimony shows how many people have found Mikogo, along with its easy-to-use features and conve­nient format, to be a great solu­tion for provi­ding remote support services.

About JB Software Services

JB Soft­ware Services specia­lizes in perso­na­lized IT support services, expert soft­ware writing, and backup system solu­tions for small and medium enter­prises. For each client, they are dedi­cated to provi­ding quick-response, custo­mized support when­ever a client needs it. With over 30 years of expe­ri­ence and tech­nical know-how, JB Soft­ware Services is a leading option for reliable profes­sional support and conve­nient service access for small-sized and medium-sized busi­ness owners in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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