Educators Take a Smart Approach to Distance Learning

The world is a busy place and at times we can’t quite manage to juggle all our respon­si­bi­li­ties as time quickly flies by. And unfort­u­na­tely important areas of our life can get left behind and lost. Main­tai­ning and deve­lo­ping one’s educa­tion — whether it be for your school/university studies, career deve­lo­p­ment or lear­ning a new skill such as a language – is an ongoing part of life. And although we might not make it to the class­room as we juggle other respon­si­bi­li­ties, we can in fact enhance our educa­tion online. This week, we take a close look at several educa­tors who benefit from Miko­go’s desktop sharing.

A Classroom: not always a building

As more and more people take up online classes, Mikogo is proving incre­dibly useful in educa­tion. The latest of our Industry Bene­fits articles explores Miko­go’s role in distance lear­ning from a variety of perspectives:

  • Jeffrey Peariso is a class­room teacher in Missis­sippi hand­ling at-risk students. When kids are away from class, they can use Mikogo to keep up with his live class­room lessons, making sure they don’t fall behind. He has taught two sepa­rate class­rooms and an at-home student simul­ta­neously, thanks to the Mikogo desktop sharing tool.
  • Noely Quinto is a private English teacher in Brazil. She used to teach one-on-one lessons in person, but since swit­ching to Mikogo, not only can she fully preserve the quality of her face-to-face lessons, she can provide them to students living hundreds of miles away.
  • Global SchoolNet, a world­wide nonprofit that helps teachers learn and execute online educa­tional projects, uses Mikogo for teacher trai­ning, which also leaves the teachers with a versa­tile colla­bo­ra­tive tool for the projects themselves.

“Even for students at home, the soft­ware is very easy to use,” Peariso told us, “and one click changes things to allow the students to become the presen­ting teacher.”

We’re really pleased that Mikogo is helping educa­tors of all types improve their lessons and reach more students. To learn more, you can read the full story here.

Check out other success stories on our Bene­fits page. If Mikogo is already part of your success, post a comment and tell us about it – we’re keen to hear from more Mikogo users and how desktop sharing is bene­fiting your area of work.

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