Easy Online Document Management with NetDocuments

As you know, we are big fans of Twitter and have been sending out tweets about Mikogo news and social media related news. Thanks to Twitter and a couple of tweets I became aware of people using Mikogo in conjunc­tion with NetDo­cu­ments — an easy-to-use online docu­ment manage­ment service.

Basi­cally, NetDo­cu­ments is an online docu­ment manage­ment service where you can orga­nize & store all of your organization’s docu­ments in one secure loca­tion. It has a great and easy to use inter­face that allows you to orga­nize all your docu­ments in easy to find folders. Plus there is a detailed search func­tion to pinpoint any uploaded docu­ment.
Because a user can login and access their account and docu­ments from anywhere around the world, NetDo­cu­ments will no doubt prove to be a great service for inter­na­tional compa­nies and teams that need real-time access to their colla­bo­ra­tive docu­ments. You could create a docu­ment, upload it to your Team account, and let your team members know that the docu­ment is there, ready for them to read, down­load, edit, etc..

Here is screen­shot of uploa­ding docu­ments, plus a more detailed account (cour­tesy of the NetDo­cu­ments website). Click the thumb­nails to expand the images.

One of the great things about NetDo­cu­ments that has made it so easy to get started and use, is the website’s support mate­rial. On their website you’ll find some great video tuto­rials for those first-time users. Plus, when you’re logged in to your account there is a “Cool­S­tuff” button that takes you to a page which provides you with a list of tips to improve your use of NetDo­cu­ments. Think I’ll be checking out this Cool­S­tuff to learn more on how the Mikogo Team can benefit from using NetDocuments.

New Part­ner­ship with NetDo­cu­ments
I later got in contact with NetDo­cu­ments to discuss the use of Mikogo in conjunc­tion with the use of their service. Follo­wing this, we have now estab­lished a part­ner­ship between our products. NetDo­cu­ments becomes the latest web company to join the growing list of Mikogo Part­ners.
Now as part­ners, Mikogo and NetDo­cu­ments are looking to find ways where the two products can provide a form of inte­gra­tion. e.g. perhaps starting Mikogo sessions within your NetDo­cu­ments. Let’s see what the future has in store for us, and for now we are pleased to be part­nered with NetDocuments.

Finally, here is one of their videos, available from YouTube. FYI, I found the flash version of the video also on their website which I think makes it a bit easier to view.

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