Mikogo From Halfway Around the Globe – Our Remote Sales Manager


Our Country Sales Manager for North America, is in meetings with his fellow Mikogo Team members every day. What makes this inte­res­ting is that he is based 5,000 miles away from HQ!

He, who joined the Mikogo Team just over a year ago, recently spoke to me about his work situa­tion. In November 2012, he moved from our head­quar­ters in Mann­heim, Germany back to his home­town on the west coast of Canada, and has since used Mikogo on a daily basis in order to conduct his work from home. His expe­ri­ence with Mikogo speaks volumes about the product’s utility, and the oppor­tu­ni­ties it pres­ents for people looking to work remo­tely. Here’s what he had to say:

“When I first joined Mikogo in March 2012, I worked as an Account Manager cove­ring Canada and Ireland, then later expanded my terri­to­ries to the UK, US, and a selec­tion of English-spea­king Euro­pean count­ries. For most of 2012, I worked out of Mikogo’s head­quar­ters in Germany along­side our Head of Sales. After spen­ding about nine months in Germany I expressed an inte­rest in retur­ning to my home­town in British Columbia, Canada. Fort­u­na­tely, as a company dedi­cated to making remote work as easy as possible, Mikogo supported my decision to move home which made for a seam­less transition.

When I moved back, I began cove­ring the entire North American region, which is Mikogo’s largest market. Since the move, I have used Mikogo on a daily basis, and have really been able to take advan­tage of the product’s exten­sive list features.”

“The biggest change I have noticed since relo­ca­ting is in the commute. In Mann­heim I lived outside of the city and had a daily two hour round-trip commute. Now I am able to work out of my home office, thus elimi­na­ting the commute all-toge­ther. As a result, I save a great deal of time and money, and no longer have to deal with the hassle of trave­ling during rush-hour. Further­more, the bene­fits of elimi­na­ting my commute are passed on to the custo­mers, as I’m available for more hours of the day, and am ther­e­fore able to support more inco­ming calls and reach out to far more people than I could previously. I’ve seen a signi­fi­cant jump in both sales and customer satis­fac­tion as a result. Also, the ability to work in a diffe­rent time zone (British Columbia is nine hours behind Mann­heim) means that Berna­dette and I are available to speak with custo­mers for a much greater portion of the day, as when my day is starting, hers is coming to an end.”“The bene­fits are passed on to the custo­mers, as I’m available for more hours of the day and able to support more inco­ming calls”

“Mikogo plays an essen­tial role in allo­wing me to work on the oppo­site side of the globe from the company’s main work­force. I am able to easily coor­di­nate support sessions for custo­mers with our IT team, who can remo­tely address any issues custo­mers may be having. Some of the most useful features for me are the Sche­duler, which I use to set up demos, as well as run my weekly webinar on Tues­days; the VOIP func­tion, which I regu­larly use when spea­king with custo­mers and our deve­lo­p­ment and sales teams; and the White­board, which is inva­luable when presen­ting Power­Point slides and PDFs.”

“In sum, I’ve expe­ri­enced first-hand the utility of Mikogo, a product that has comple­tely changed my work life.”

Are you a member of a remote team and use Mikogo to connect with team members from afar? How often does this take place? What have been the bene­fits and outcomes of remote working for you?

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