Finding a Simple, Profitable Solution: Desktop Sharing for IT Consultancy

Mikogo for IT Consultants

IT consul­tants do a lot of their work remo­tely, but the highly colla­bo­ra­tive nature of the field means they need all the imme­diacy a face-to-face meeting provides. At first, a consul­tant is trying to under­stand the poten­tial client’s needs, and convince the client that they have the right solu­tions for them. There can be a lot of back-and-forth over details as the consul­tant does their work, and then there’s tech support and trai­ning as the new solu­tions are put into place.

We talk to a consul­tant in North America who specia­lizes in data­base deve­lo­p­ment, and to an exec at a Latvian company desig­ning and imple­men­ting soft­ware solu­tions throug­hout the Baltics and Europe, and both say that Mikogo makes their custo­mers’ lives easier, keeps costs down, and lets the consul­tants provide a fully perso­na­lized service without having to show up in the client’s office — or country.

“With Mikogo, we can really be in the customer’s place and see the exact problem,” says Alvis Tabaks of Elva Baltic Ltd, which provides — and supports — ERP soft­ware for busi­nesses throug­hout Europe.

For more about how Mikogo is beco­ming an IT consultant’s secret weapon, read the full story.

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