How to Deliver Online Sales Demos Effectively (Free Best Practices Guide)

Online Sales Demos Free Guide

With desktop sharing soft­ware, a whole new world of oppor­tu­ni­ties opens up to sales profes­sio­nals. Via online sales demos, they can quickly demons­trate how their product or service deli­vers value and answer any ques­tions a pros­pect has. The great benefit of this, is that the sales reps don’t even have to be in the same room as the pros­pects, either. However, just like in-person meetings, online sales presen­ta­tions require careful prepa­ra­tion to be successful. If sales calls are an ever­yday part of your job, then this free guide will ensure you get the most out of that precious time with a prospect.

To be effec­tive, sales reps have to come across as profes­sional, credible, and polished. How do they achieve these objec­tives in an online sales meeting? Well, it starts with under­stan­ding the best prac­tices for deli­ve­ring an effec­tive online sales demo and then putting those prac­tices into action. In this free guide, we take you through each of the four steps in a sales presen­ta­tion (Qualify, Prepare, Deliver, and Follow-Up) with multiple useful tips on each step that will help newer and expe­ri­enced sales profes­sio­nals take their online presen­ta­tion skills to a new level.

The Value of Online Sales Demos

This free guide will teach you the best prac­tices for execu­ting a successful online sales demo each and every time. If you are a sales team manager, busi­ness deve­lo­p­ment specia­list, or a profes­sional who over­sees an entire corpo­rate sales depart­ment, this guide will offer the value you need to close more deals. You can pick up some solid, actionable recom­men­da­tions that will drive stronger sales­person performance.

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With this guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Improve how you prepare for and deliver an online sales demo
  • Project stronger credi­bi­lity when you’re presen­ting online
  • Perform all of the needed steps before, during, and after the sales demo to maxi­mize your chances of closing the sale
  • Enhance oppor­tu­ni­ties to land sales and estab­lish new client relationships
  • Be more effi­cient and produc­tive in making online sales presentations
  • Increase the ROI of your online meeting soft­ware purchase

Whether you’re an expe­ri­enced profes­sional or rela­tively new to your sales role, this free guide will give you highly-effec­tive methods for making solid sales presen­ta­tions online and upping your chances for more sales closures.

You can down­load this full guide for free:
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