From the Horse’s Mouth – Customer Interview with Volvohandelns Utvecklings

Volvohandelns Utvecklings

We recently had the oppor­tu­nity to speak with a prized customer of Mikogo, Swedish company, Volvo­han­delns Utveck­lings (VHUTV). VHUTV develop the best dealer manage­ment systems and infor­ma­tion services to the auto­mo­tive industry. In spea­king at length we were able to under­stand not only how the company uses Mikogo and why they were initi­ally sear­ching for a web confe­ren­cing solu­tion, but we also heard about the importance of secu­rity and ensu­ring compa­ti­bi­lity between Mikogo and their IT systems.

When we asked what VHUTV was trying to achieve with Mikogo, they explained that their primary goals were to meet with custo­mers over the Web; cut down on both travel time and expenses; and increase the amount of time they could meet with custo­mers. With a number of new products and product resources, the company needed to conduct presen­ta­tions in real-time over the Web to distant clients across Scan­di­navia. Trave­ling to meet face-to-face was simply not feasible given that VHUTV needed to make regular contact with these custo­mers in order to main­tain good rela­tions with custo­mers and promote new products for further sales.

But most importantly, it was para­mount for secu­rity reasons that Mikogo would work seam­lessly within their own advanced IT and secu­rity systems. And while online meetings are quite common today, VHUTV required assis­tance to ensure that both their secu­rity systems and Mikogo would func­tion optimally.

“We were looking for a solu­tion that met our demands for a way to meet with clients online,” explained Fredrik Nord­q­vist, IT Tech­ni­cian for VHUTV. “We required a solu­tion that was reliable, not tech­nical and compli­cated, and was very easy to use – and that’s exactly what we found with Mikogo.”

Going the Extra Mile

Fredrik was imme­dia­tely impressed with Mikogo’s intui­tive design, quick instal­la­tion process, and ease of use for custo­mers. However, due to high-tech secu­rity systems in place at VHUTV, they required more than a stan­dard setup. The company needed to conduct exten­sive internal testing before commit­ting to the product. Conse­quently Mikogo provided them with a trial account exten­sion, giving them all the time in the world to test our service. Assis­tance was provided every step of the way during the testing phase and at no point did the level of secu­rity in place at VHUTV ever weaken.

Once VHUTV had completed their tests and confirmed that our solu­tion was compa­tible with their secu­rity infra­struc­ture, they were convinced that Mikogo was the right choice for them. Fredrik recalls that “The Mikogo Team gave us a lot of time and assis­tance with tech­nical details to find the optimal solu­tion to run along­side our secu­rity systems. This was very nice and all our ques­tions were taken care of immediately.”“We had no problems at all from the get-go. We are still using it today across the board and will continue to do so.”

“We had no problems at all from the get-go and ever­yone has been very satis­fied. Our online meetings with Mikogo have always been very easy to start and for ever­yone to use. We are still using it today across the board and will continue to do so.”

At Mikogo we are not only concerned with deli­ve­ring the best product possible; we also aim to support our clients throug­hout the imple­men­ta­tion process. We have desi­gned our solu­tion to be compa­tible with IT systems of any kind, but we are also there to help when further steps must be taken to ensure Mikogo works flaw­lessly for clients with addi­tional requi­re­ments, as seen with Volvo­han­delns Utvecklings’s experience.

Discus­sion: Why did you and your company first need online meetings? Was it to reach out to current distant custo­mers who you could not meet face-to-face regu­larly? Or was it to meet online with new pros­pects and custo­mers in new markets? Please share your expe­ri­ence below in a comment.

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