Computer America Interview with Mikogo’s Co-Founder, Mark Zondler

Recently our company director, Mark Zondler, received an invi­ta­tion from Computer America for an inter­view on their live radio talk show to talk about Mikogo. Computer America is the longest-running syndi­cated radio talk show about compu­ters and tech­no­logy in the US and is now in its twen­tieth broad­cast season – an impres­sive feat! Last week Mark appeared in a one-hour segment on Computer America with the radio show’s co-host, Carey Holzman. The two discussed the Mikogo soft­ware, the recent deve­lo­p­ments and future plans.

In more detail, Mark and Carey discussed several areas concer­ning Mikogo including:

  • The back­ground of Mikogo and its free offering
  • Mikogo use cases: the rise from sales presen­ta­tions to being used for many use cases
  • Advan­tages and capa­bi­li­ties of Version 4.0, inclu­ding the new HTML Viewer and the Linux version development
  • Soft­ware secu­rity (always an important issue with any soft­ware program, and Mark details the secu­rity measures in place within Mikogo)
  • Soft­ware internationalization
  • Future direc­tion of Mikogo

Click here to listen to the full inter­view and discussion.

And last but not least, thank you to Carey and Computer America for arran­ging the inter­view and discussion.

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