Mikogo Now Compatible with Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

Mikogo Mac Lion

We have released an update, Version 4.3, for the Mikogo Mac soft­ware. This update now provides full compa­ti­bi­lity with Mac OS X Lion – the most recent and advanced opera­ting system released by Apple. The new Mikogo Version 4.3 soft­ware for Mac is now available for down­load from our website.

Accor­ding to Apple, millions of people have already updated to Mac OS X Lion for the Mac compu­ters. Making Mikogo compa­tible with Lion 10.7 has now opened the door for these Mac users to down­load and use the new native Mikogo Mac soft­ware for their online meetings and web presen­ta­tions. Here is a state­ment from Mark Zondler which is a snippet from today’s press release:

“An advan­tage of Mikogo is that it is a true cross-plat­form desktop sharing tool, with native soft­ware clients for Windows, Mac and Linux,” says Mark Zondler, Co-Creator of Mikogo. “So when Apple released Lion it was important for us to react imme­dia­tely and our response is the release of our latest Mac soft­ware. This release will benefit those who start online meetings on a Mac computer with Lion 10.7, but further­more it will help any Mikogo user, regard­less of which type of computer they use, when they invite parti­ci­pants who are using Lion 10.7.”

Download and Upgrade to Version 4.3

If you are already a user of the previous version of Mikogo 4, you will notice an update noti­fi­ca­tion when you next open Mikogo on your Mac. You can then choose to get the upgrade which will open a browser window and take you to the Mac Down­load page. Now follow these steps:

  1. Down­load the new version 4.3 from the Mac Down­load page by clicking on the “Free Down­load” button.
  2. Drag & drop the down­loaded mikogo.dmg file to your Appli­ca­tions folder.
  3. Your Mac will ask you if you want to replace the previous version of the file. Click on the “Replace” button to accept this – the new .dmg file will then be copied to your appli­ca­tions and the old file will be replaced.

On the other hand, if you have not yet started using Version 4 but you wish to start using Version 4.3, then you can simply go to the Mac Down­load page and click on the “Free Down­load” button. Please follow the three steps on the Mac Down­load page to down­load the program and get a session started.

We hope you enjoy using Mikogo 4.3 with Mac OS X Lion!

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