mikogo cloud desktop.

Accessing computer files remotely is fun. But let’s go further, much further! Let’s remotely access an entire computer system from any device. Introducing the revolutionary Cloud Desktop!

What is the Mikogo Cloud Desktop?

It is an entire PC system sitting inside the Cloud.
No need to trans­port your laptop with you anymore. Your computer is now in the Cloud and acces­sible from anywhere. No matter where you are or what device you are using, you can log on to the Cloud Desktop and access the same computer – yourcomputer.

The Full Computer Experience – in a Cloud

Ever­y­thing you love about your computer is acces­sible from anywhere!
We’re not talking about acces­sing only your files. We’re talking about acces­sing your entire computer system: opera­ting system, soft­ware appli­ca­tions, files, folders, the kitchen sink – everything!

Easy Access from any Device

Syncing was yesterday. Cloud Desktop is today.
There is no need to sync your Cloud Desktop with your own computer/smartphone. No syncing required! Whether it’s your computer, your friend’s tablet, or your sister’s smart­phone, when you open up your Cloud Desktop it will always be the same from any device. And with no down­loads neces­sary, a browser is all you need.

Features: What Can a Cloud Desktop Do?

Anything your PC can do, a Cloud Desktop can do better
It can do the same as any regular computer and more – it can be accessed from any web browser in the world from any computer or mobile device. There are also further features and advan­tages over a regular computer:

  • Run any Soft­ware Appli­ca­tion – down­load and run any soft­ware or cloud service on your Cloud Desktop e.g. Micro­soft Office, Photo­shop, Mikogo, etc.
  • Remote File Access – all your computer files and folders are in one place. Every single one of them.
  • Access from ANY Device – access your Cloud Desktop from any computer, smart­phone or tablet e.g. iPad or Android devices.
  • iPad Keyboard Inte­gra­tion – use your on-screen iPad keyboard when using any appli­ca­tion on your Cloud Desktop e.g. Word.
  • No Syncing – Syncing is not required because you can access your Cloud Desktop from any device.
  • Remote Control – remo­tely control compu­ters from an iPad or any tablet.
  • File Transfer – easy and secure file transfer from and to your Cloud Desktop.
  • Online Meetings, Down­load-Free – No down­loads for meeting orga­ni­zers or participants.
  • Secure File Storage – you can’t lose a Cloud Desktop. It’s in the Cloud! Never lose your files, folders, soft­ware appli­ca­tions, etc.
  • Low IT Costs – pay what you use on a monthly or yearly basis. No invest­ment into expen­sive hard­ware, IT staff or licenses required.

As seen on:

“The advan­tage of this approach is straight­for­ward: it means you can access a proper Windows desktop… on devices ranging from other desk­tops to tablets to smart­phones.”– GigaOM

“Once the user has logged in they can access their own opera­ting system, soft­ware appli­ca­tions and files directly from within the browser. There is no need to set up any remote systems.”– Tech­Radar