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Sales presentationWe recently showed you the fastest way to invite your clients to join presentations without any downloads on their side. The answer was the HTML Viewer. Not requiring any downloads obviously makes it a fast solution but it also makes it an extremely reliable solution.
Downloading software is not always possible for some clients due to their company network and security settings, which makes online meetings very difficult for these clients. But the HTML Viewer works the first time, every time.
This was crucial for EPI-USE Labs, a software development company who utilizes the HTML Viewer for easy and reliable presentations with clients.

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Ted Carlson, CFE
Workers' Compensation Compliance SaaS Programs

In tough economic times, it is often easy to forget the needs and wants of small businesses, inadvertently allowing them to drift towards our periphery. With attention being moved toward complex financial markets and investment management, there is a tendency to forget that Main Street, not Wall Street, is what builds a healthy economy. Saying this, small businesses can only grow and flourish if they are managed efficiently and with a firm grip on compliance. If there’s anyone who understands that, it’s Ted Carlson.

Ted Carlson is a certified Fraud Examiner specializing in worker’s compensation compliance. For the past 9 years, Ted has been working hard to teach small businesses how to deal with worker’s compensation claims and avoid being audited. He also works to make sure there is accurate and up to date worker’s compensation information and reports for employers and insurance companies. To top it all off, Ted gets all this done and more using Mikogo. Naturally.

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Mend My Computer InterviewComputers are a core part of so many workplaces these days, but the truth is that most of us are far from tech-savvy. So when your computer starts acting up you would first panic, naturally, and then contact your tech support team.
Mend My Computer has been fixing computers for almost a decade and has expanded into the business sector, selling and supporting large corporate clients IT and server solutions, while still maintaining a dedicated team to home users. From their experience they understand that computer support is a difficult business: everyone wants their computer fixed instantly but if the engineer is at a distance the client gets more and more anxious. This was a major problem until they adopted remote support to assist clients. We recently heard from the company director, Terry Livesey, about how he expanded his business offerings and client base via Mikogo. Read on below for our full discussion with Mend My Computer.

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Companies using MikogoWeb conferencing… Remote support… Some might think desktop sharing is left to the tech and IT world – but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The global use of Mikogo spreads through a great range of different businesses and industries. We have even created a separate section on our website, titled Solutions (Edit: now called Customers), dedicated to sharing how desktop sharing is the solution for many needs in a growing range of industries. However our Solutions section only details a few industries using desktop sharing and Mikogo, which leads us to the topic of this blog post.
We would like very much like to hear from more companies using our software. If you would like to participate and share your Mikogo experience with others, please read on below.

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Fandraft Mikogo TweetThe other day, I received a tweet from FanDraft, the provider of a Fantasy Football Drafting software solution, about how Mikogo is making waves in the world of fantasy sports.
In fantasy football, owners (those participating in the fantasy sports game) meet together and use their software to track and present the draft results to the rest of the league.

But what happens when some members of the league cannot meet for the draft? (more…)

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