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Best Remote SupportSupporting someone with their IT problems via a remote connection can be very satisfying. Problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes. But not if you have trouble accessing the PC system windows…
Luckily Mikogo’s “Enable Service” feature allows you, as the IT technician, to view and control all systems and UAC windows on your client’s computer. Even better – we now have a new remote support join session page for this exact purpose where the service is automatically enabled on your client’s computer, ensuring that you have best and smoothest level of remote control.

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LogmeoutEarlier this week, LogMeIn announced that their free service will no longer be available. The news quickly made the rounds, and the community of remote support users is abuzz with discussion. As TechCrunch reported yesterday, “users are up in arms over the news, criticising the company for making an abrupt change”. The end of LogMeIn Free naturally raises the question of how former users want to react to this change: Pay up? Go back to supporting your computer-challenged friends and relatives over the phone? Stop helping them altogether?

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Free remote supportHave you ever tried remotely troubleshooting your parents’ computer or helping your grandmother install software from the other side of the country? If so, you’ve likely been a victim of a phone call that went something like this: “Click the button on the left… no, the one that looks like a little sideways arrow… in the other window…” – SIGH… you get my point. Luckily, with free remote support software, you can eliminate this entire process and focus on helping your friends and relatives – and there is no cost. It’s quick and frustration-free, just as though you were there in person. Luckily Mikogo…

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Mikogo SupportDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then this is the blog post for you.
Recently we showed you how you can embed the session login form on your website and participants can join your meetings with no downloads. BUT… that uses the HTML Viewer and this should be used for online sales presentations and meetings.
For remote support, on the other hand, your participants will need to download the Mikogo participant software. Good news! – you can still embed the session login code on your website and your remote support clients can join your sessions with just one click. This is how you do it…

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Howard WolowitzRemember trying to provide or receive computer support over the phone before the days of Mikogo?

Support Technician: “Open the settings which is near the top of the screen. Have you found it yet?”
Support Client: “I can’t find it. What do the settings look like?”

Does that ring a bell? Now that you’re all familiar with Mikogo, you wouldn’t dream of going back to that!

The other night an episode of Big Bang Theory (a guilty pleasure of mine) reminded me of those days and I thought I would share it with everyone. Check out the short video below – chuckle, chuckle 🙂 Enjoy!

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