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Cloudsider Mikogo ReviewThe independent online portal, Cloudsider, recently evaluated and reviewed the top 10 online meeting services… and awarded Mikogo as the winner! Our software solution received an impressive 92/100 points overall and was tested on several key areas including feature set, security and customer service. We are of course very pleased to be ranked #1 and thank Cloudsider for taking the time to conduct such a comprehensive and detailed review. (more…)

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Smell SharingAs humans we have five senses, two of which are already covered by Mikogo: sight and hearing. Today’s new Mikogo release of TelSmell adds a third to your online meetings with the addition of smell – a world first for online meetings. During a Mikogo meeting, TelSmell easily detects the scents and smells from your office and transmits them via your computer to your meeting participants. Whether it be fresh coffee, summer rain outside the office window or a colleague’s perfume, all odors are transmitted between you and your participants in real-time. (more…)

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Good news – today we have released the remote control feature for Mac users! This allows you to start a meeting from a Mac or PC, and then assist others via remote support, regardless of whether they join your meeting from a Mac or PC. Now you can use Mikogo as a cross-platform tool for not only web conferences and online meetings but also remote support, and you won’t pay a cent. (more…)

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