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Online Training Strategies
Whether you are teaching somebody how to fill out a form, delegating tasks to a team member or just explaining something to your colleagues, online training can have a crucial impact on daily communication. Since part of the communication we have with our remote colleagues is during training, if you master the online training sessions, your team will have a better perception of you, and you will have less need to repeat your instructions. Here are some practical tips to help you improve the impact of your online training sessions. (more…)

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Business Online Training ProgramForbes reported earlier this year that corporate training spending in the US increased by 15% to reach $70 billion, while the figure grew to $130 billion worldwide. These figures show that corporates are taking employee training and development extremely seriously. Some major corporates that have taken advantage of the benefits of online training, include Bank of America, AT&T, Intuit, Qualcomm and Yahoo!

In a previous post, we discussed the many advantages of online training. However if you cannot engage with your audience in your trainings nor provide an easy way for them to attend, it’s likely to be a waste of time for both you and your trainees. Today I’m going to discuss how you can develop an awesome online training program.

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Businessmen walkingIt is no secret that the standard work model has changed drastically in the last 10-15 years. Fewer people get up in the morning and drive to work, where they sit at a desk for eight hours before driving home. More people are telecommuting at least some of the time and that makes the use of online training programs and online meetings a suitable option for them.
In this article we take a look at the benefits of freelancing, which have become more apparent in recent years, as well as why you should use the Web to train such remote workers for new positions in your company.

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