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Mikogo and EducationThe world is a busy place and at times we can’t quite manage to juggle all our responsibilities as time quickly flies by. And unfortunately important areas of our life can get left behind and lost. Maintaining and developing one’s education – whether it be for your school/university studies, career development or learning a new skill such as a language – is an ongoing part of life. And although we might not make it to the classroom as we juggle other responsibilities, we can in fact enhance our education online. This week, we take a close look at several educators who benefit from Mikogo’s desktop sharing.

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Global SchoolNetIt is common to think that Mikogo’s remote desktop solution is primarily used by companies for online meetings and remote support sessions, and consequently it can come as a surprise to some to learn that today online collaboration solutions are considered highly effective and important within the field of education. More and more schools and teachers are implementing collaboration technologies to assist in students in the classroom. Furthermore, online teaching is rising in popularity and bringing children from all over the world into a common virtual classroom.

Mikogo is happy to be a part of the world of online education, and more so when we learnt about Global SchoolNet and how this organization has been using our software to bring children and teachers together to learn and collaborate online. (more…)

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Step into the future with Online Teaching programsAs companies downsize or restructure, due to the economy, it places an additional burden on the employees that remain. Not only must workers continue to do their own jobs, they are required to take on new responsibilities and merge several functions together. Therefore, additional training and education is necessary. But, the learning must take place, while these individuals are still working. Your current thought: “But surely that can’t happen without wasting so much time!” Or can it? Introducing online teaching programs. (more…)

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Online Teaching Software - Schooling for CorporationsWith products, technology and business methods constantly evolving, many companies need to provide training to their employees while they are on the job. Whether its information on a new computer system being used, or major changes in the products being produced, it is vital for workers to be able to acquire new knowledge rapidly for your company to stay competitive. However, it is not always easy to schedule training classes, conferences and workshops. So what can be done to stay ahead, keep your employees up-to-date, while not losing valuable time? (more…)

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