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Sales Trends
Another year has flown by and with 2016 quickly approaching, sales professionals need to take time to seriously consider what the New Year will bring and how it will affect their work and sales targets.

To assist sales professionals in preparing for the New Year, we’ve leaned upon the expertise of some of today’s most influential and respected sales leaders for their predictions in 2016. In the following article, you’ll hear directly from the CEOs of sales companies, global sales executives, keynote speakers, sales strategists, and best-selling sales authors. (more…)

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Screen Sharing Sales
Screen sharing is a time-saver for everyone. It enables companies to host meetings online with clients or business associates remotely. This provides significant travel savings allowing you to meet people all over the world in just a matter of seconds.

Yet, there is a question that remains to be answered. Why is screen sharing such a powerful sales tool? Screen sharing is more than a time-saver for sales reps. It’s an empowering tool that provides 5 competitive advantages throughout the life of the sales cycle. (more…)

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Sales Predictions 2015The New Year is well underway, which means as a sales professional you already have your sales targets for 2015 in place and are making serious efforts to reach your goals. It’s important to consider industry trends and environmental influences which may assist or impede you on your path to success.

We spoke with 14 influential sales leaders about their predictions for 2015 to help you best prepare for the year ahead. This select group of experts are renowned for their repeated sales success and have been pivotal in driving global businesses forward.

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Goal KickThe New Year is well and truly here. The world has awoken from the year-end slump and everyone is back to business, almost forgetting that the holiday period was just a few weeks ago. Consumers are once again emerging from the financial hibernation that followed December’s over-spending and are ready to buy. Companies are operating in full force and ready to get down to business, including purchasing products and services that will help them achieve their year’s goals. As a salesperson it is your job to seek out the buyers, and now is the time for you to spend some time strategizing your own goals and ambitions for 2015.

Today, we’ll discuss 5 strategies you need to implement to kick-start your sales for the New Year.

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Welcome Doormat As Mikogo users, you have already witnessed first-hand the benefits of screen sharing. However your leads and clients are a different story. Not everyone is familiar with this technology and just how easy it is to use which can make it difficult to invite a first-timer to an online meeting.

We recently published a white paper detailing a dozen every day scenarios where online meetings can play a part and save you significant time. There are many more such applications of use which apply to all of us. But… none of this matters unless your participants join your screen sharing meeting.

How can you convince your clients that joining you in an online meeting will facilitate your discussion and be far more effective and productive than without?

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