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Global SchoolNetIt is common to think that Mikogo’s remote desktop solution is primarily used by companies for online meetings and remote support sessions, and consequently it can come as a surprise to some to learn that today online collaboration solutions are considered highly effective and important within the field of education. More and more schools and teachers are implementing collaboration technologies to assist in students in the classroom. Furthermore, online teaching is rising in popularity and bringing children from all over the world into a common virtual classroom.

Mikogo is happy to be a part of the world of online education, and more so when we learnt about Global SchoolNet and how this organization has been using our software to bring children and teachers together to learn and collaborate online. (more…)

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Are eLearning Solutions a Fad or here to Stay?With Internet use becoming almost universal and in fact a clear given amongst corporations, many software solutions have been developed to simplify certain tasks that some of us may or may not even be aware of. Gaining in popularity recently are eLearning solutions, which allow Internet users to access educational content from any computer with an active Internet connection. While many are benefiting in terms of saved time and money from the use of such software, do you see this as a growing trend in years to come for your business – how far will eLearning solutions take us? (more…)

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online distance learningThese days, many employees of corporations are choosing to telecommute. Perhaps you have friends who are doing this. Or perhaps some of your colleagues are working from remote locations. This doesn’t just allow local employees to save on gas. It also allows corporations to higher individuals from other parts of the country or world that would otherwise not be able to appear in person to fulfill their functions. But what happens when such an employee needs to learn new skills or job training? (more…)

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