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A couple of months ago we put out a blog post about releasing the Mikogo website in further languages and we went out on search for volunteers amongst the Mikogo Community to help us with translation. We received a great response from some die-hard Mikogo fans, and thanks to them it won’t be long until we have our website in several new languages. Speaking of which, since yesterday we now have a German website! Die Mikogo Webseite ist jetzt in Deutsch verf├╝gbar! (more…)

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As you may be aware, we have been planning a new-look website for Mikogo. Following the launch of the new website, we’ll be keen to make headway quickly on getting Mikogo into several new languages.
The question: what will be the next language for Mikogo? German? Spanish? Polish? Let us know what you think should be the next language. Simply vote below by checking the tickbox next to your language of choice, and then click on “Vote” at the bottom.

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