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Today we are proud to announce the latest version of Mikogo:

The Mikogo client for Windows and macOS has been released as version 5.9.0 and our iOS application has been fully rewritten and released as version 1.2.

With this release, we now support the latest operating systems on the market: Microsoft Windows 10, Apple macOS High Sierra and Apple iOS 11.

An important improvement is probably one you wouldn’t even notice. We’ve improved security deep inside the Mikogo codebase. Of course, this version will be usable as easy as it ever was, with all the features you know and love.

We also implemented improvements that allow us to respond more flexibly and extensively to corporate customers and API partners. An example of such an improvement is the automatic adoption of proxy settings and their credentials in Windows Active Directory environments.

To get Mikogo 5.9.0, please visit and click the green “Download” button. After the download finished, just follow the instructions to install Mikogo on your operating system.

Further details on the improvements can be found in our Release Notes.

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Mikogo Windows 10 Start SessionNearly 4 million people have already tried Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, which is expected to make its official release by the end of July this year. We can expect a large portion of Windows users to quickly adopt Microsoft’s latest pride and joy, considering that the new operating system will be given away for free. Millions of users will no doubt take advantage of this free offer from Microsoft, and by the end of summer it will be commonplace to see Windows 10 in the office on the computer screens of colleagues and clients.

This means you may soon find yourself in a Mikogo online meeting with a Windows 10 user. We are pleased to announce that we have tested Mikogo on Microsoft’s latest operating system and found that our screen sharing software is fully compatible with Windows 10.

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Mikogo new version available windowAt the beginning of this month, we announced the release of Mikogo Version 5.2 with several new software features for both Windows and Mac. This latest release includes a series of improvements, many of which were requested by you, the Mikogo customers and users.
If you are not yet using the latest software, next week you will receive an update notification via the software. We encourage you to update to Version 5.2 today for the best screen sharing and online meeting service. (more…)

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Mikogo VOIPThe latest version of the Mikogo software is now available and it includes a built-in VOIP feature for voice conferencing for both Windows and Mac users. Time to throw your phones away!
Ok, that might be a bit drastic but this release now means you can speak to your meeting participants directly through your computer using the Mikogo software. Read on below to learn how you can start using the Mikogo voice conferencing feature.

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Support ProfileDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then you will love what we have in store for you below in this post!
Currently when you start a Mikogo session and your client joins, the client will view your screen. This is perfect and easy for meetings and presentations. But what about remote support sessions we hear you ask? We have released a “Support” profile in the Mikogo software – designed with IT support technicians in mind, the software allows you to start a Mikogo session and when your client joins the session, you will instantly see and control their computer. No need to switch presenter or send a remote control request.
Read on below for how you can use the Support profile for your next Mikogo session.

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