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Finger PointingThere is a small but very effective feature which you may not have yet noticed… the participant pointer.
During an online meeting when you’re presenting your screen and speaking, you move your mouse cursor around to ensure your participants understand exactly what you’re referring to. However when you’re a participant and you’re talking about something on the presenter’s screen, how can you make sure everyone knows what you are referring to?
When you’re in front of a computer with a couple of colleagues sitting next to you, it’s simple – you point with your finger. When you’re in an online meeting, you use the Mikogo participant pointer.

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Raise a questionThere are many ways to interact during an online meeting: whiteboard, switch presenter, file transfer, participant pointer, etc. – and all from the convenience of everyone’s own desk!

However during a presentation, you as the participant might wish to raise a question but don’t want to interrupt the presenter. Alternatively you may want to show your approval or disapproval about a meeting discussion. Such situations are handled easily with the Mikogo emoticon list.

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Busy stationProjects, deadlines, phone calls, trainings… our daily work lives can be pretty hectic at times, which is one reason why people turn to online meetings in order to save time and get on to the next task. But even fitting in an online meeting can be a struggle during a busy week.
With the Mikogo Scheduler you can reserve a session ID and send a meeting invite with all details, including a link, to your participants in advance. Get ahead of the game by being prepared and scheduling your meetings – and here’s how you do it…

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No DownloadsWhen inviting a participant to join your desktop sharing meetings, you want to make it as simple as possible for them. Mikogo’s HTML Viewer can help with that – by joining your meeting via the HTML Viewer, your participants can view your screen without having to download any software or plugins. They don’t even need Flash, Java or ActiveX. They can view your screen directly from inside their web browser. 100% browser-based.
By removing the need to download software, the HTML Viewer really is the fastest way to share your screen with someone.

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Mikogo SupportDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then this is the blog post for you.
Recently we showed you how you can embed the session login form on your website and participants can join your meetings with no downloads. BUT… that uses the HTML Viewer and this should be used for online sales presentations and meetings.
For remote support, on the other hand, your participants will need to download the Mikogo participant software. Good news! – you can still embed the session login code on your website and your remote support clients can join your sessions with just one click. This is how you do it…

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