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iPadToday is the 31st May and hence time for us to announce the winner of the Mikogo video competition. Since we started this competition, we have received some cool videos in the competition and some mentions about the competition across the blogosphere. And as written in the initial blog post, the winner has been determined based on whichever video received the most “thumbs up – Like” votes on YouTube. We’ve really enjoyed watching all the videos as well as the YouTube comments, and we thank all those who participated.
And now it’s time to find out who will soon be receiving a new Apple® iPad™ …

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iPadA couple of weeks ago, we announced the Mikogo YouTube competition, where anyone could enter by making a video about why they love Mikogo. And the prize? A shiny brand new Apple® iPad™! The winner will be announced on 31st May 2010, so that means that we are only halfway into the comp so far, and already we’ve received video entries from the USA, Armenia, Poland and Germany.
We will be giving away one iPad, where the winner will be judged on whoever has the most green thumbs up votes on their video. So please take a look at the videos below and vote for your favorite to help them win the iPad. (more…)

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