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Over the last several days the papers, TV news programs and online media have been riddled with stories regarding the swine flu. Many people, in the hundreds, have been admitted to hospitals around the world reporting symptoms of the deadly virus. Officials are warning people off crowded places, which begs the question: Can we prevent ourselves from infection by using web conferencing as opposed to traveling for meetings? (more…)

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NOTE: these buttons are no longer available (February 2014). Instead, you can invite your participants to join meetings from your website by using our Session Login Integration.

Last month we released several Join Meeting buttons for you to place on your blog or website, and allow your participants to join your meetings directly from your website. This was before the release of the Mac Beta version. Consequently we have made new buttons that you may place on your website for Mac participants to join your meetings without having to visit the Mikogo homepage. (more…)

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