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As of recently, the Mikogo recording feature enables you to create a combined recording of both the screen sharing and VoIP audio together. We have now released a new “session converter” for your Mikogo recordings. The session converter allows you to export and save a Mikogo recording, including both screen sharing and audio, into .webm or .mkv format. This will facilitate online distribution, video editing, and playback for your participants. (more…)

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Mikogo UpdateWe’re pleased to announce that we have officially released the latest Mikogo software, Version 5.2. After completing a successful round of intense testing, the new software is now available for download for both Windows and Mac users, including Mac Yosemite 10.10.
What to expect: the biggest update to Mikogo v5.2 is the series of feature additions and improvements to the Mikogo Scheduler. On top of that, we have released an audio recording feature for your Mikogo VoIP calls, the latest version of the HTML Viewer, and further usability improvements. And you can download Version 5.2 for free! Full details below.

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Start Mikogo Voice ConferenceAfter lots of brainstorming, dev meetings, and an exciting beta stage, we are excited to bring you the latest Mikogo release: Version 5. The software includes several new features and is available on both Windows and Mac computers. As usual, the software is free for private users. Customers can also get started and update to Version 5 today. Here is how to do it…

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