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Mikogo iPhoneEver needed to participate in an online meeting but unable to get to your computer? Now you can with the newly released Mikogo mobile apps. There are two apps available, with the first being available for use on an iPhone or iPad (iOS app) while the second app is for use on Android phones and tablets.

The apps allow the user to join a Mikogo session from their mobile device and view the computer screen of the presenter in real-time.

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Ranked 3rd in Web Conferencing MarketRecently Version 4 of our second desktop sharing product, BeamYourScreen, was tested by Online Meeting Tools Review, a vendor-independent reviewer of web conferencing and webinar solutions. A total of 35 different software tools were included in the assessment and we are pleased to announce that our Version 4 software was ranked as the third highest web conferencing solution in the market, placing it above the likes of WebEx, Fuze Meeting and Teamviewer.

Now, while it was the BeamYourScreen product that was directly put to the test by Online Meeting Tools Review, the product and included features within BeamYourScreen Version 4 are identical to that of Mikogo Version 4. So we consider this a huge pat on the back for Mikogo as well!

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Mikogo Session Login IntegrationIn general, when you invite a participant to join a Mikogo session, you no doubt direct them to our Join Session page, get them to enter the session ID and join your session. However if you prefer, it is in fact possible for your participants to go straight to your own website and join from there. So how does this work?
We have created a way for you to integrate the session login form directly into your website. This is now available with Version 4.

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Mikogo IconWe’ve been stress testing both the latest version of Mikogo, Version 4.3, and the previous version, Version 4.2. From this we can confidently say that Version 4.3 brings with it greater performance and stability in comparison to Version 4.2. On top of that, we have also fixed several bugs within the software which you can read about on our release notes page.

Due to the significant improvement in performance and stability of Version 4.3 over the previous Mikogo release, we are implementing a mandatory upgrade today. Please read on for further details.

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