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Mikogo Update to Version 4For those of you who have still been using Version 3 since we released Version 4 last week, you may have noticed that there hasn’t yet been a forced upgrade. This was because we wanted to notify everyone first in order to give notice and allow for you to prepare for Version 4.
Today we initiated the update process within Mikogo Version 3. As a session organizer, the next time you run the Mikogo Version 3 software, you will receive an update notification. Read on for more details.

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Mikogo ApplicationWe did once write a blog post about Mikogo’s portable version, but that was almost 18months ago! So it’s perfectly understandable if some of you have forgotten that you can start and join Mikogo sessions from a USB drive, without having to install the software. Consequently, I thought it was about time that we remind ourselves about how to use the Mikogo portable software. (more…)

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