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Mac Start Screen SharingScreen sharing is a powerful form of communication for businesses or individuals, enabling them to connect and view another computer live over the Web. Most importantly it is not limited to IT specialists, but rather it is possible for anyone to engage in screen sharing and view screen content from the presenting computer. Screen sharing is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and more recently, mobile devices such as iPads.

In this article, we have provided a complete guide to screen sharing for Mac computers and will look at how this is achieved, additional features to enhance screen sharing further, and benefits for both businesses and individuals.

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With football being the “world game” as well as the international nature of Mikogo, it was inevitable that the Mikogo Team would get football fever!
It is only 2 days now until the start of the World Cup – and therefore it is the perfect time to announce our Football Fever Competition that will take place on Facebook, and where the winner will receive a brand-new Apple® iPad™. (more…)

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