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This week we released enhancements for the HTML Viewer and the JoinSession.

The HTML Viewer was further optimized and now delivers a significantly better performance in the meetings attended via the browser. This results in higher frame rates and less resource consumption.

The JoinSession was slightly revised under and the HTML Viewer option is more prominent, now.


Did you know you can integrate the HTML Viewer on your own website? Check out this blog post:

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Introducing the Branded Session Login

Business people in standing ovationWe have created a branded version of the session login integration code using the HTML Viewer for you to embed on your website. This allows you to invite participants to join meetings, without any downloads, from your own website. The best part: Your customers will never get to the Mikogo website but instead stay on yours, before joining the session, during the session and afterwards. The “Branded” part means it is customized to fit perfectly into your website design plus it works 100% within your own website, without a trace of the Mikogo brand or website to be seen. This provides you with the most professional way of inviting your clients to meetings from your own website.

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New Join Session PageNormally you would send your clients to to invite them to join your meetings or presentations. If you want them to join your meeting using the HTML Viewer so they don’t have to download any software, once they are on that page you would have to instruct them to select “HTML Viewer” as the connection method.
But if you’re worried that some clients might not do this correctly, we have a new Join Session page dedicated to the HTML Viewer which will solve that problem for you:

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