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Today we are proud to announce the latest version of Mikogo:

The Mikogo client for Windows and macOS has been released as version 5.9.0 and our iOS application has been fully rewritten and released as version 1.2.

With this release, we now support the latest operating systems on the market: Microsoft Windows 10, Apple macOS High Sierra and Apple iOS 11.

An important improvement is probably one you wouldn’t even notice. We’ve improved security deep inside the Mikogo codebase. Of course, this version will be usable as easy as it ever was, with all the features you know and love.

While we are at it, we would also like to remind you about video in Mikogo.

We also implemented improvements that allow us to respond more flexibly and extensively to corporate customers and API partners. An example of such an improvement is the automatic adoption of proxy settings and their credentials in Windows Active Directory environments.

To get Mikogo 5.9.0, please visit and click the green “Download” button. After the download finished, just follow the instructions to install Mikogo on your operating system.

Further details on the improvements can be found in our Release Notes.

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We are proud to announce the release of our new Annotation Tool, available to all customers with Mikogo version 5.4.1.


The Annotation Tool can be used to draw fading annotations on your screen during Mikogo sessions.

In contrast to the feature rich Multi-User Whiteboard we kept this tool as simple as possible:
• One color
• Semitransparent
• Fades away automatically

If you do not already have version 5.4.1 you can get it here.

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Startup Office Desk
Desktop sharing is nothing new. But what we are seeing in today’s business world is the rapid uptake of desktop sharing software by companies of all shapes and sizes for a variety of use cases: sales presentations by mortgage brokers, online trainings by software companies, client calls by banking and financial advisers, etc.

More industries are quickly realizing the efficiencies and savings to be gained via desktop sharing. If your company has recently discovered these benefits, equipping yourselves with a solid desktop sharing solution is the next logical step. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to understand the basics of hosting desktop sharing meetings with your colleagues and clients – this is what we’ll cover below.

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Smell SharingAs humans we have five senses, two of which are already covered by Mikogo: sight and hearing. Today’s new Mikogo release of TelSmell adds a third to your online meetings with the addition of smell – a world first for online meetings. During a Mikogo meeting, TelSmell easily detects the scents and smells from your office and transmits them via your computer to your meeting participants. Whether it be fresh coffee, summer rain outside the office window or a colleague’s perfume, all odors are transmitted between you and your participants in real-time. (more…)

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Windows 8 TilesRecently Mikogo passed the “Certified for Windows 8” program successfully, and is now available on the first ever Windows Store. We are very pleased to join Microsoft’s biggest operating system update in 17 years, which will allow users to download the Mikogo software and add it as a tile on the new-look Windows user interface for starting and joining online meetings on Windows 8.

The Mikogo desktop sharing software was successfully tested earlier in 2012 on the pre-release version of Microsoft’s new operating system, confirming its compatibility with the Windows 8 beta release. We are happy to be one of the first web conferencing applications to be available on the revolutionary Microsoft OS, joining the 10,000-plus apps in the store today.

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