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Spanish American War
Welcome back to the final instalment of our mini-series on how Mikogo could have been useful at certain points in history. Before, we’ve looked at the American Civil War and how important it is to keep your confidential information secure, and at Ancient Greece and the potential for great innovation if you manage to put the right heads together. Today’s story is one of those where you can’t help but gawk (and, admittedly, chuckle) a bit about the absurdity of it all – but we swear, it’s all true. Read on to find out a strange piece of trivia and what happens when Spanish officers don’t know about the Spanish-American War. (more…)

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Ancient Greece
In this mini-series, we look at some historic events where screen sharing might have made a difference. And even though this is, of course, a bit of a playful thought experiment, we can always learn from history – even if it happened thousands of years ago. In viewing those events through a modern lens and wondering how screen sharing might have changed their outcome, we also find some lessons that can apply to the modern-day workplace. While the previous entry was all about war, military strategies and keeping your confidential information safe, today’s post is about the exact opposite: Invention, collaboration and the sharing of ideas. (more…)

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Civil War CannonTechnology is so completely ingrained in our everyday lives that we tend to take it for granted. Can you remember how you ever managed without a mobile phone? How did news spread prior to the Internet? A lot of the technologies that define our way of life today were only developed in the past few decades, such as screen sharing.

In this blog series, we look at 3 defining moments in history and wonder how certain events might have turned out differently if a solution like Mikogo had been available then… and we may even learn a thing or two from history in the process. So gather round the fireplace, dust off your ancient tomes – it’s time for a history lesson.


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