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Today we are proud to announce the latest version of Mikogo:

The Mikogo client for Windows and macOS has been released as version 5.9.0 and our iOS application has been fully rewritten and released as version 1.2.

With this release, we now support the latest operating systems on the market: Microsoft Windows 10, Apple macOS High Sierra and Apple iOS 11.

An important improvement is probably one you wouldn’t even notice. We’ve improved security deep inside the Mikogo codebase. Of course, this version will be usable as easy as it ever was, with all the features you know and love.

While we are at it, we would also like to remind you about video in Mikogo.

We also implemented improvements that allow us to respond more flexibly and extensively to corporate customers and API partners. An example of such an improvement is the automatic adoption of proxy settings and their credentials in Windows Active Directory environments.

To get Mikogo 5.9.0, please visit and click the green “Download” button. After the download finished, just follow the instructions to install Mikogo on your operating system.

Further details on the improvements can be found in our Release Notes.

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Collaboration Culture
In this day and age, there’s not a single person who’d dare defy the idea that collaboration leads to better, more innovative business. After all, Forbes and Entrepreneur have been publishing pieces on it for years, and everyone – at some point – has witnessed an executive touting how “the next three months will all be about collaboration.”

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Despite the coverage and repeat promises, more than half of businesses remain dramatically siloed and 86% of all failures in business are still attributable to a lack of collaboration. And that’s a real problem. (more…)

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Teamwork collaboration
Whether it be from their desk or on their mobile devices, businesses today are constantly collaborating. The magnitude of ways in which we can communicate and share information has created new potentials for greater productivity. For companies today, the importance of optimizing business processes and finding efficiencies via collaboration software is unquestionable.

However simply adopting the first piece of new technology you see, will not guarantee instant results. There is no “one-size fits all” model for collaboration software.

The big question is – how do you decide which software solution is the best for your needs? We asked the executives of ten collaboration software companies for their input and advice on how to select the best solution for any business. (more…)

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Spanish American War
Welcome back to the final instalment of our mini-series on how Mikogo could have been useful at certain points in history. Before, we’ve looked at the American Civil War and how important it is to keep your confidential information secure, and at Ancient Greece and the potential for great innovation if you manage to put the right heads together. Today’s story is one of those where you can’t help but gawk (and, admittedly, chuckle) a bit about the absurdity of it all – but we swear, it’s all true. Read on to find out a strange piece of trivia and what happens when Spanish officers don’t know about the Spanish-American War. (more…)

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