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Email Productivity
“Email productivity” – to some this may sound like an oxymoron or an office myth. People often complain about messages that have been “swallowed up” by their inboxes, and instead of using built-in email productivity features to find said message, they ask the sender to resend it, further adding to the landfill of unproductive time wastage. Where did this problem originate from? Can email still be used as a productive tool in today’s modern business landscape, and if so what can we do to improve email productivity? (more…)

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Project Management SkillsHave you ever thought what it must be like to work as a project manager? Apart from all the good things, there are some tough tasks and roles which a manager has to play. He’s the one who is responsible for making sure that everything is done to a high standard. Clearly, in order to become one of those proactive managers, one must acquire an extensive skillset. (more…)

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Wasted Work TimeDespite the constant ‘busyness’ that dominates life today, statistics show that we’re actually wasting more time than ever on trivial work activities. The computer was initially created to save time by automating tasks and doing things faster and better. However, as new apps and software solutions become available, the fear is that more employees will spend time on frivolous activities rather than work. (more…)

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Heap of chairsThere’s no doubt that you’ve set business goals for 2015 as the first step towards making this a successful year. All businesses want to be more efficient and productive. When it comes to ensuring the productivity of your business meetings, it’s important to realize that over time, the way that you hosted meetings has changed and will continue to change. Meetings are a business process and like almost any business process, we are looking to optimize and improve our meetings and achieve the best experience possible. For example, during the last few years, businesses have utilized online meetings. You should make sure that you are aware of the current trends and developments to ensure that you get the most out of your meetings in 2015. The following article applies to both in-person as well as online meetings.

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