ByeBye Dimdim: but you can still meet online for free with Mikogo

Big news today in the world of online meetings: has acquired web meeting service provider, Dimdim. The acqui­si­tion is one thing, but accor­ding to the Dimdim website the result of this is that current Dimdim subscrip­tions will end, some as soon as March this year. The people at Dimdim did a good job over the last few years at promo­ting free web meetings, but it appears that there are thou­sands of Dimdim custo­mers now who will lose their source of online meetings. With that in mind, we are welco­ming all Dimdim custo­mers to use the Mikogo soft­ware as their new alter­na­tive for free web conferencing.

Welcome to Mikogo

While Dimdim was a compe­titor, it is a shame to see a free online meeting solu­tion come to an end. Of course,’s offer of $31million must have been temp­ting – so who can blame them? But it also might mean that Dimdim custo­mers will move back to WebEx™ or GoTo­Mee­ting™. Conse­quently we encou­rage Dimdim custo­mers to give Mikogo a shot. We think our soft­ware is a great repla­ce­ment for your web meetings.

Of course, that is a biased state­ment 🙂 But we’re not the only ones who are suggesting Mikogo as can be seen in the Twitter screen­shot above written by @davidriecks.

To learn more about Mikogo we suggest you check out our product descrip­tion and browse our user guides.

Create a Free Mikogo Account

To get started with Mikogo, sign up for a free Mikogo account. You will instantly receive an email with your account details.


Download the Free Mikogo Software

You can down­load the free soft­ware, enter your account details, and you’ll be ready to start your first online meeting with Mikogo in a matter of seconds.


Dimdim custo­mers – if you’ve just checked out Mikogo for the first time, how was it? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks and welcome to Mikogo!

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