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Web Conference Functions
A recent study on Software Advice revealed that small businesses are increasingly relying on desktop software and Web apps for their conferencing needs, rather than on conference bridges and other traditional methods and hardware that were popular pre-2000. As a user of online meeting software, this may come as no great surprise to you. However, of greater interest, the study also revealed the top benefits for using Web-based solutions, the most popular use cases for Web conferencing software, and the importance of different features and functionalities to small businesses. (more…)

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Innovation Light Bulb

When we speak of innovation the first things that spring to mind are new products or, at the very least, better products. If you are in a service business, thoughts turn to new services or improved services. However, truly innovative companies promote advances across the entire spectrum of their enterprise. They are not content to improve a product, or create a new service. While these things are important, they are not sufficient in today’s business climate. (more…)

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Civil War CannonTechnology is so completely ingrained in our everyday lives that we tend to take it for granted. Can you remember how you ever managed without a mobile phone? How did news spread prior to the Internet? A lot of the technologies that define our way of life today were only developed in the past few decades, such as screen sharing.

In this blog series, we look at 3 defining moments in history and wonder how certain events might have turned out differently if a solution like Mikogo had been available then… and we may even learn a thing or two from history in the process. So gather round the fireplace, dust off your ancient tomes – it’s time for a history lesson.


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