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Since the launch of Mikogo, we have offered our screen sharing app free of charge. There are no limitations and no hidden catches. And no, you’re not dreaming.
While this is a really great offer and a great tool, we have received many questions regarding our business plan and how it is possible for us to provide Mikogo for free. We’ve all heard the expression, “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, so it’s understandable that some people are a little surprised that they can use Mikogo without reaching for their wallet/purse or without being scammed in some horrible way.

So how is Mikogo possible? (more…)

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There’s been a bit of talk and gossip going on within the Mikogo Community and the Web collaboration world about a possible new Mikogo version…….

And the buzz is true. We are currently working on a new version which will be released soon with several additional features to be included. So with all this buzz going around, we thought we’d let you all in on our plans and give you a sneak preview of what you can expect in the next version.

Drum roll, please!! (more…)

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We’ve just added a new product page to Facebook where Facebook users can leave comments on our Wall and participate in Mikogo Facebook discussions. We’ll also keep our Mikogo Facebook page up-to-date with the latest blog posts and news stories – so then you get your Mikogo news on Facebook! (more…)

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NOTE: these banners and buttons are no longer available (February 2014). For screenshots and media resources, please visit our Press page.

We really appreciate it when people take the time to test Mikogo and then write something about it on their blog/website. And we are well aware that writing reviews and making screenshots can take a lot of time, so we have decided to provide you with some cool Mikogo Banners and Buttons, along with the Screenshots. (more…)

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Hi and Welcome to the new Mikogo Blog!

We’re very excited to officially open our blog and keen to get posting!

With the Mikogo Blog, you’ll be able to read all about the latest and greatest Mikogo news on what’s going on with our cool free screen sharing app. This will include such things as Mikogo press stories, developments with the new version, new website content, etc… (more…)

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