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online meeting servicesAs the workforce in many companies spreads out and project teams are created that include members from different regions, different time zones, and even different countries, face-to-face meetings in physical conference rooms are being replaced — or at least supplemented — with meetings in the virtual space. So how can you prepare yourself for your next online meeting in order to offer an experience that compares with sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, sharing ideas, coffee and donuts? (more…)

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Easy remote IT support with MikogoAnybody who has been enjoying Mikogo’s remote keyboard and mouse feature will know that remote IT support is a great time and money saver for companies in the form of increased productivity. With Mikogo installed on your PC or Mac, remote support works by allowing IT staff to control a computer from any other computer connected to the Internet. A typical remote support session lasts just a few minutes and can expedite problem resolution in the high majority of cases. Think about the time saved travelling, especially if the user-base that needs support is located miles away or in another city. (more…)

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live web conferencingAre you interested in implementing live web conferencing for your business? It can be difficult to gather a spread out group of people for a necessary meeting or conference. With the Mikogo software to help you organize a conference over the Internet, you can save time and money to increase your company’s productivity and efficiency. If this sounds interesting, but you’re still not convinced that this is the right solution for you, then please read on. (more…)

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software for businessIt is important for business owners today to realise the importance of implementing certain types of software for businesses. Technology allows business functions to be completed quickly and efficiently in a world where time is money. As a business owner you must choose software that can be integrated into your business with ease. To begin the process, identify areas of weakness in your business and research software that will help to alleviate the problems. And next: read the rest of this post 😉 (more…)

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collaborationCollaboration means “to work together” and is most often applied to intellectual endeavors. In today’s world collaboration has become more and more often a long distance relationship. With the arrival of the Internet as a tool for connectivity achieving collaborations with other offices, here and abroad has allowed the world of business to seek online collaboration solutions more freely. The exchange of visual data via screen sharing solutions such as Mikogo is fast and clear enabling work to be conducted at the home office and satellite offices across the nations. (more…)

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