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Remote workspace
Working from home or from another remote location is becoming more and more common. In a report by Global Workplace Analytics, around 3.3 million people work remotely on a part time basis. Since 2005, remote working has increased almost 80%. In 2015, there seem to be even more opportunities for employees to work from home at least one day per week. Yet, as much as people may want to work from home, it leaves one important question: How do you set up your remote workspace?

Clearly it can’t be effective to simply work on the couch with the TV on in the background. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the things that you need to know to set up your remote workspace in a way that will help keep you focused and productive. (more…)

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Keeping a sales team motivated, cohesive and goal oriented is an arduous task. One wrong statement is all that it takes to kill your team’s motivation.

A rule of thumb that I have always lived by – treat the team right and the team will, in return, treat the customer right.

If you’re managing a sales team, there’s a few things that you can never afford to say to any of your reps. (more…)

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Video Reel
As of recently, the Mikogo recording feature enables you to create a combined recording of both the screen sharing and VoIP audio together. We have now released a new “session converter” for your Mikogo recordings. The session converter allows you to export and save a Mikogo recording, including both screen sharing and audio, into .webm or .mkv format. This will facilitate online distribution, video editing, and playback for your participants. (more…)

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Screen Sharing Sales
Screen sharing is a time-saver for everyone. It enables companies to host meetings online with clients or business associates remotely. This provides significant travel savings allowing you to meet people all over the world in just a matter of seconds.

Yet, there is a question that remains to be answered. Why is screen sharing such a powerful sales tool? Screen sharing is more than a time-saver for sales reps. It’s an empowering tool that provides 5 competitive advantages throughout the life of the sales cycle. (more…)

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