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UK snowSince the beginning of this winter, we’ve seen freezing temperatures everywhere across the northern hemisphere, leading Europe and the US into one of its coldest seasons ever. Despite the fact that many considered the last climate change conference in Copenhagen a failure, the signs of this effect appear to becoming clearer, and this winter is a true reflection of that. We’ve seen China covered in snow, US was hit by many snowstorms but Europe seems to be in the worst situation. Hit by snowstorms almost across the board, the cold temperatures have even resulted in the loss of lives in several countries. (more…)

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Orchestra Web 2.0 is rapidly changing the world wide web and consequently also business websites. Where a few years ago it was perfectly fine to have a static website with your company’s name and contact info, this is nothing to write home about anymore. Having a dynamic website that allows you to get into a true dialogue with your visitors no longer gives you an edge, it’s fast becoming standard. (more…)

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green pollWith the Kyoto Protocol expiring soon in 2012, delegations from 192 countries are now gathering in Copenhagen. The aim of this summit is to create a new treaty that could more effectively curb the greenhouse gas emissions to slow down man-made climate change, which, as evidence has shown, has caused more droughts, more flooding, rising sea levels and more extreme weather incidents. (more…)

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JRIVMagnaCAD Design Inc., a leading provider of CAD, CAE and PLM solutions, recently announced the launch of JRIV, its new encompassed design engineering solution bundle. JRIV integrates with IronCAD 3D solutions to provide IronCAD users fast and intuitive access to a range of powerful applications that will reduce time and overhead for manufacturing companies. But where does Mikogo fit into this picture? (more…)

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