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sales supportIf you have sat in a sales meeting trying to close a deal – forgetting the number of setup meetings – it’s likely that a question or requirement came up during the meeting that required some form of sales support. In all likelihood, a specialist or technician was needed to be called in during the meeting and answer questions, and if the right skill set wasn’t available for the meeting it was postponed and the possibility of losing the deal increased. (more…)

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Today and Monday this week, we had a couple of constructive meetings with the City of Mannheim to discuss the further use of the Twitter account @Mannheim. The discussions were conducted on a basis of cooperation and with the goal of aligning the respective interests.

Both sides have come to the conclusion that an out-of-court settlement is currently favorable and a lawsuit should be avoided. (more…)

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I was amazed by your comments, tweets, and suggestions. All your comments reassured me that I reacted appropriately by making this public, as opposed to giving in and signing the letter. If I had signed that letter, I fear that it would let the larger organizations and government bodies think they can bully the little guy around. (more…)

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