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NOTE: these buttons are no longer available (February 2014). Instead, you can invite your participants to join meetings from your website by using our Session Login Integration.

At the end of last year, we released a series of Mikogo buttons that we welcomed you to take and embed in your own website. The idea of these buttons is for your participants to go to your website, click on the button and be taken to the Join Session page so they can enter the Session ID and join your session. This means that you no longer need to direct your participants to the Mikogo website, but rather direct them to your own website – which could be easier for you and them if they are more familiar with your company and website than with the Mikogo website. Now we have a few new buttons to match the more popular Mikogo use cases.

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meetings onlineIf you’re contemplating it but haven’t yet made the plunge into using meetings online, then this is the blog post for you. Indeed there are many important factors as well as benefits to be gained via web meetings which are important to take into consideration when answering the above title’s question. No doubt, it can be difficult to find time in the day for scheduling a formal meeting, but with the right preparation anyone from any industry can enjoy the benefits of online meeting software. Read on for how to prepare yourself and for some of the reasons why your company should move towards employing online meetings. (more…)

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webconferencingWebconferencing has attracted a lot of attention from corporations and from environmentalists. Corporations are interested in the time and money saving properties a web conference has over traditional meetings. Environmentalists are excited at the possibilities of using technology to reduce travel because of how it reduces CO2 emissions and saves the environment. To say the least, many people stand to benefit from the use of the webconference – and many people already are with Mikogo. (more…)

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Business collaboration softwareThe best ideas are sparked through collaboration. But how can a writer in Chicago brainstorm with another in London? Or how can Mary, a software engineer in Silicon Valley, collaborate on system design with James, a database designer in Manhattan? The answer lies in business collaboration software.

Desktop sharing is one such form of software, and is a fast and effective way to get the job done when collaborating online. Why wait for several emails to be sent back and forth across the city, country or world, if you have the opportunity to share and discuss the work over the Web? (more…)

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