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Mikogo Linux Mac Desktop SharingAfter a successful beta stage (to those who volunteered as beta testers – thanks!), we have officially launched Version 4. For those of you who have not tried Version 4 yet, when you update to the new software you will see a new-look user interface, a range of additional features, and it is available on three computer platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux – this means you can start a session from either one of these platforms and have participants join from the same or one of the other platforms.

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Linux TuxToday we have launched the Mikogo Linux software as an open beta release. This means it is now available for anyone to download from our download pages and use for their next desktop sharing sessions. With the new Linux software you can both start or join sessions from a Linux computer. Furthermore the software works in conjunction with Mikogo organizers or participants who are using either a Windows or Mac computer. In other words, share your screen Linux screen with Windows or Mac users. Or join a session from your Linux computer and view the screen of your Windows or Mac organizer.
Read below for details on downloading the Linux software, along with screenshots of Mikogo sharing desktops between Linux and Windows/Mac computers.

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Mikogo and Financial PlannersFinancial planning is crucial for everyone, even those without finance backgrounds. But how do you know which options are the best for you? The Investment Coach is a group of chartered financial planners and offer independent financial advice for individuals, families and businesses. The UK-based company specialize in coaching and enter into collaborative processes with the clients to get them the best results.
This week we had a great discussion with Andrew Reeves, the director and founder of The Investment Coach. While new to Mikogo, Andrew provided very interesting insights into the tactics and benefits of finance coaching via desktop sharing. Read on below for the full discussion.

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Mikogo RecordingRecording your online presentations or remote support sessions can be a great way to keep a record of your online session for future use. A recorded remote support session could be used as a tutorial video when others encounter similar problems in the future. On the other hand, if someone is unable to attend your online presentation however you recorded the session, they can then later play the recording back and view the presentation.

The Version 4 software includes a recording feature for your desktop sharing sessions. This is a completely new addition for the Mikogo Mac software, while it has been revamped for the Windows feature range. Read below for how to use the Mikogo recording feature.

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Thumbs upIf you’re someone who uses Mikogo for web presentations, meetings or other forms of group collaboration, then the new Participant List available in Version 4.0 should be of interest to you. The Participant List is the first area of the user interface that you see after starting a session and contains the session ID – similar to the Session Information window which you’re used to from Version 3. However there are some other changes and additions – which were requested by Mikogo users – in the participant list for you to check out.

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