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Ranked 3rd in Web Conferencing MarketRecently Version 4 of our second desktop sharing product, BeamYourScreen, was tested by Online Meeting Tools Review, a vendor-independent reviewer of web conferencing and webinar solutions. A total of 35 different software tools were included in the assessment and we are pleased to announce that our Version 4 software was ranked as the third highest web conferencing solution in the market, placing it above the likes of WebEx, Fuze Meeting and Teamviewer.

Now, while it was the BeamYourScreen product that was directly put to the test by Online Meeting Tools Review, the product and included features within BeamYourScreen Version 4 are identical to that of Mikogo Version 4. So we consider this a huge pat on the back for Mikogo as well!

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Last week we announced the launch of the new Mikogo Shop, where you can select and buy business licenses. While there are some feature differences between the business licenses, the core feature that all Mikogo business licenses share in common is the fact that they can be used for commercial purposes, as we outlined in our original introduction of the freemium model. The free version, on the other hand, is designed for private use.

We will soon implement our freemium model by displaying a “Free Version notification” within the software interface. This will start as of Monday 17th October and registered users who use Mikogo without a business license (i.e. a free private user) will see the notification within their Mikogo software interface. Consequently this week is a perfect opportunity to visit our new shop and pick up a license for your next Mikogo business meeting.

Read on below for more details about the implementation of the Mikogo freemium model.

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Mikogo ShopWe have just released the new Mikogo Shop which will serve as the website area where you can browse the different licenses and buy the one that suits your business needs. As mentioned in our previous blog post about the freemium model, we thought long and hard about how to offer licenses for commercial use that would support a variety of desktop sharing uses. As you can see on the Mikogo Shop, we have provided several options to cater for the different needs of the many Mikogo users. Please read this blog post below for further insight into the new Mikogo licenses.

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Freemium modelLast month you would have read our blog post and message about our plans to introduce a Freemium model in the near future. From that we received an overwhelming number of great comments, facebook wall posts, tweets, etc – firstly, thank you for all your comments, support and feedback!

We took our time to go over everything, taking into consideration your comments and suggestions. Before we introduce the freemium model, we would like to take a moment to address your questions by sharing our thoughts and plans with you and providing more in-depth info. We have answered your questions below and hope you enjoy reading the blog post!

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Mikogo Session Login IntegrationIn general, when you invite a participant to join a Mikogo session, you no doubt direct them to our Join Session page, get them to enter the session ID and join your session. However if you prefer, it is in fact possible for your participants to go straight to your own website and join from there. So how does this work?
We have created a way for you to integrate the session login form directly into your website. This is now available with Version 4.

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