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Twitter Screenshot davidriecksBig news today in the world of online meetings: has acquired web meeting service provider, Dimdim. The acquisition is one thing, but according to the Dimdim website the result of this is that current Dimdim subscriptions will end, some as soon as March this year. The people at Dimdim did a good job over the last few years at promoting free web meetings, but it appears that there are thousands of Dimdim customers now who will lose their source of online meetings. With that in mind, we are welcoming all Dimdim customers to use the Mikogo software as their new alternative for free web conferencing. (more…)

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Mikogo and EducationThe world is a busy place and at times we can’t quite manage to juggle all our responsibilities as time quickly flies by. And unfortunately important areas of our life can get left behind and lost. Maintaining and developing one’s education – whether it be for your school/university studies, career development or learning a new skill such as a language – is an ongoing part of life. And although we might not make it to the classroom as we juggle other responsibilities, we can in fact enhance our education online. This week, we take a close look at several educators who benefit from Mikogo’s desktop sharing.

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Insurance BrokersInsurance agents have always relied on the in-person visit to close a sale. Customers find the complex policies intimidating, and worry that if they miss a detail, they won’t have the coverage they need. But the face-to-face appointment takes a lot of time out of a broker’s day, and it severely limits the range of their practice. This week we take a look at the role that Mikogo plays in the world of insurance brokerage. (more…)

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Mikogo Benefits ArticlesMikogo is an increasingly valuable tool for a wide range of industries. To showcase all the professions using our desktop sharing tool to boost the bottom line, we’ve launched a new section of our website. While our individual case studies continue to look at specific companies, our new Industry Benefits page offers examples of entire categories of business that rely on Mikogo.
Over the next weeks, we’ll bring you articles and stories from people using Mikogo in a wide range of industries, starting with…. Web Design. (more…)

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