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Translating Version 4.0Since the launch of Mikogo’s Version 4.0 beta release, the software is now available in over 30 languages! Considering that Mikogo is used in so many countries, this will be a great addition to our software and will facilitate the use of Mikogo around the world as people can now use the Mikogo software and features in their own native language.
While you can download Version 4.0 today and use it in one of the many languages, we are still working on making sure the translations are perfect. If you notice any translations that need correcting and would like to help us, please read below for more info.

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Mikogo ChatAs we prepared to release version 4.0, one of the most requested features from our users was a Chat function. Now, with the release of Mikogo Version 4.0 (last week), you can all now enjoy sending your session participants and session organizer instant messages during your next Mikogo session. And furthermore, the new chat feature is available in both the PC and Mac version.
In this blog post we cover the new chat function so you can get a bit more out of your next Version 4.0 online meeting with Mikogo.

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Mikogo Start SessionThere’s been a lot of talk recently about the upcoming new features for Mikogo, and today we are pleased to announce the first release of Mikogo Version 4.0. We spent a bit of time tweaking the look of the new interface, translating the software into over 30 languages and internally testing the software as much as possible in order to iron out any bugs. This should ensure a smooth open beta stage – starting today :-) To download the software, see a few screenshots of the new-look software and for further info on Version 4.0, read the blog post below.

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Initial Viewing DirectionIn a regular Mikogo session, your client/participant will join your session and see your screen. But for remote support purposes, you are more likely to want to view and control their screen without them initially seeing your screen.
This is the purpose of Mikogo’s “Initial Viewing Direction” settings. Without having to switch presenter, you can immediately see the screen of your participant when they join your session. Ideal for remote support. Read below for more details.

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Mikogo for software developmentLast week we spotlighted Mikogo’s role in the fine art of software sales, but today we’ve looked at its role in the entire process of software development. Whether a company makes and customizes a single basic product or builds entire enterprise-level systems for each customer, there’s a lot of back-and-forth among customers, project managers and developers. Whenever your team members can’t all be in the same room, Mikogo makes it seem like you are.

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