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Ted Carlson, CFE
Workers' Compensation Compliance SaaS Programs

In tough economic times, it is often easy to forget the needs and wants of small businesses, inadvertently allowing them to drift towards our periphery. With attention being moved toward complex financial markets and investment management, there is a tendency to forget that Main Street, not Wall Street, is what builds a healthy economy. Saying this, small businesses can only grow and flourish if they are managed efficiently and with a firm grip on compliance. If there’s anyone who understands that, it’s Ted Carlson.

Ted Carlson is a certified Fraud Examiner specializing in worker’s compensation compliance. For the past 9 years, Ted has been working hard to teach small businesses how to deal with worker’s compensation claims and avoid being audited. He also works to make sure there is accurate and up to date worker’s compensation information and reports for employers and insurance companies. To top it all off, Ted gets all this done and more using Mikogo. Naturally.

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Voice ConferencingIt’s here! 4.7 is here! We at Mikogo are thrilled to announce the beta release of the VOIP voice conferencing service which our dev team have been working hard on bringing to you. Although it is only in the beta stages, it is fully-functioning and ready for you! We have the utmost confidence that once you experience a Mikogo voice conference, you’ll be as pleased with it as we are 🙂

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Carrier pigeons are back!Here at Mikogo, we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways of communication. While we still think our way is the best way, it recently occurred to us that, like flannel and moustaches, carrier pigeons might be making a comeback. Let’s face it, you could either mail your important documents with the local post service, or instead send them via homing pigeon. Either way, there is a chance your documents won’t get there, so you might as well invest in a pigeon – don’t worry, it’s tax deductible.
Check out our reasons why we think carrier pigeons might just be crazy enough to work.

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Grow your businessVenturing out into the world of business can be daunting. Having to manage things like building a brand, hiring personnel and not hemorrhaging money is enough to send anyone into a tailspin. On top of all the traditional business start-up woes, we now live in a digital era where much more is expected when it comes to availability and quality of correspondence. Mikogo, however, is the solution that freelancers, business owners, and young startups are now discovering is a handy tool to have at their disposal.

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Successful Online MeetingsYou’ve got the Mikogo software down pat. You’ve attended one of our webinars. You’ve practiced using the software with your colleagues. You know all the ins and outs of the software. But are you really ready for an online meeting?
In the whirlwind of planning and executing a successful online meeting with Mikogo, one might forget a few things that could help polish their presentation. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to make your online meeting or desktop sharing session a success, why not try some of these tips that will take your work to another level entirely!

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