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Sales presentationWe recently showed you the fastest way to invite your clients to join presentations without any downloads on their side. The answer was the HTML Viewer. Not requiring any downloads obviously makes it a fast solution but it also makes it an extremely reliable solution.
Downloading software is not always possible for some clients due to their company network and security settings, which makes online meetings very difficult for these clients. But the HTML Viewer works the first time, every time.
This was crucial for EPI-USE Labs, a software development company who utilizes the HTML Viewer for easy and reliable presentations with clients.

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No DownloadsWhen inviting a participant to join your desktop sharing meetings, you want to make it as simple as possible for them. Mikogo’s HTML Viewer can help with that – by joining your meeting via the HTML Viewer, your participants can view your screen without having to download any software or plugins. They don’t even need Flash, Java or ActiveX. They can view your screen directly from inside their web browser. 100% browser-based.
By removing the need to download software, the HTML Viewer really is the fastest way to share your screen with someone.

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SecurityPrism, privacy, personal data – these are the buzz words now all over the media in reaction to stories about the National Security Agency (NSA) and FBI getting direct access to servers and user data of large Internet companies including Google, Facebook, and Apple. There has been uproar over this as people are concerned about what the US government is doing with users’ private data. Mikogo has since received many questions from our customers about where the Mikogo servers are based, how we handle user data, and the origins of our company. We would like to shed light on our situation here at Mikogo and why your online meetings and user data are secure with us.

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Mikogo VOIPThe latest version of the Mikogo software is now available and it includes a built-in VOIP feature for voice conferencing for both Windows and Mac users. Time to throw your phones away!
Ok, that might be a bit drastic but this release now means you can speak to your meeting participants directly through your computer using the Mikogo software. Read on below to learn how you can start using the Mikogo voice conferencing feature.

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Mikogo SupportDo you use Mikogo for remote support? Then this is the blog post for you.
Recently we showed you how you can embed the session login form on your website and participants can join your meetings with no downloads. BUT… that uses the HTML Viewer and this should be used for online sales presentations and meetings.
For remote support, on the other hand, your participants will need to download the Mikogo participant software. Good news! – you can still embed the session login code on your website and your remote support clients can join your sessions with just one click. This is how you do it…

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