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Raise a questionThere are many ways to interact during an online meeting: whiteboard, switch presenter, file transfer, participant pointer, etc. – and all from the convenience of everyone’s own desk!

However during a presentation, you as the participant might wish to raise a question but don’t want to interrupt the presenter. Alternatively you may want to show your approval or disapproval about a meeting discussion. Such situations are handled easily with the Mikogo emoticon list.

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Scheduled MaintenanceOn Sunday October 6th Mikogo will undergo a scheduled maintenance operation for approximately 4 hours. During this time we will be completing maintenance on our database and web-service.

When is the maintenance?
It will take place on Sunday October 6th:

  • Starting at 05:00 until 09:00 (PST)
  • Starting at 14:00 until 18:00 (CET)

During this maintenance period our systems will not be fully functional and you might not be able to start a new Mikogo session. However sessions which are already running will continue.

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Financial Planning with TransparencyThinking about your finances and future isn’t everyone’s favorite way to spend time. It can seem complicated and overwhelming. But it is a must to get your company and personal finances in order so all business owners will regularly find themselves going over the numbers with their bank.

We talked to Mikogo customer, comdirect bank, about how important transparency and personal contact is when their consultants are dealing with clients about their finances.

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Busy stationProjects, deadlines, phone calls, trainings… our daily work lives can be pretty hectic at times, which is one reason why people turn to online meetings in order to save time and get on to the next task. But even fitting in an online meeting can be a struggle during a busy week.
With the Mikogo Scheduler you can reserve a session ID and send a meeting invite with all details, including a link, to your participants in advance. Get ahead of the game by being prepared and scheduling your meetings – and here’s how you do it…

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FAQsWe’ve always had an FAQ page and a support center on the Mikogo website. We’ve also always provided PDF user guides which walk you through the software features and how to get started.

However to facilitate the process of finding the answer to your support question, we’ve combined the user guide content with the FAQs to provide dozens of new questions and answers on our FAQ page along with a search bar.

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