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Bad phone interviewJob interviews over the phone are incredibly common these days and, as a first step in the job application process, are just as effective as face-to-face meetings. Employers and employment agencies use interviews over the phone as a means to figure out which candidates are worth inviting to their office for an on-site interview. However, a lot of people do not take phone interviews too seriously, and make mistakes that are so simple to avoid.

During any type of interview, whether it be over the phone or in front of the prospective employer, never slack in your manners, tone of voice and how you go about presenting yourself. Employers interview more people than you would ever think, so they know what to look for when it comes to someone trying to sell themselves and are quick to identify when you slip up. If you’re preparing to step into a phone interview, be sure to familiarize yourself (and avoid!) these 5 rookie mistakes:

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Online Meeting Software Areas of UseThere are many uses for online meeting software besides generic meeting scenarios. It can be adapted for more everyday functions in several industries. Corporate trainers can train new employees remotely, and banking representatives can interact with greater ease with their clients. Online meeting technology can speed up time-sensitive processes such as crafting and publishing corporate press releases or materials. It can even enhance the value that parties such as financial advisors, employment agencies, accountants, architects, or web designers bring to their interactions and exchanges with their own clientele. In the following free guide, we look at how these professionals, and more, can apply online meetings to their industry and everyday business operations.

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Introducing the Branded Session Login

Business people in standing ovationWe have created a branded version of the session login integration code using the HTML Viewer for you to embed on your website. This allows you to invite participants to join meetings, without any downloads, from your own website. The best part: Your customers will never get to the Mikogo website but instead stay on yours, before joining the session, during the session and afterwards. The “Branded” part means it is customized to fit perfectly into your website design plus it works 100% within your own website, without a trace of the Mikogo brand or website to be seen. This provides you with the most professional way of inviting your clients to meetings from your own website.

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Hands on Mouse and KeyboardGetting setup with a new software system can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task. First you have to ensure your system is compatible and proceed with a lengthy installation process. This is far too much for most, so companies will regularly seek the assistance of professionals to complete the work.

As remote work becomes more commonplace, companies are taking advantage of being able to fully complete a software installation without even stepping on-site. This is a great time saver for all involved but it’s important to know how to deploy software remotely and when remote installations are appropriate.

Adam Bluemner lives in this world of remote work which is why we picked his brain about the recent developments he has seen and how this is affecting software and internet businesses worldwide.

To better understand what is involved in a remote software installation and how it can apply to your line of work, read on for our interview with Adam.

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effective remote team managementThanks to the Internet, there are other ways to work a professional job besides a traditional workplace setting. Many people choose a virtual setting for employment due to the independence it offers, among other things. However, while remote work arrangements do have their advantages, they also come with their own unique challenges.

For remote team supervisors, keeping their team interconnected, on track, and productive can become tricky. With the challenges imposed by many team members working in different locations, how is a remote team leader to keep his or her team on point and going strong? Well, it starts with reinforcing best practices for effective remote team management, and understanding why these practices are successful in getting results.

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